touring caravan - Deseo Caravan for Sale

Deseo Caravan for Sale


A great-looking, compact modern design for the modular caravan concept by DESEO. A light weighed, affordable touring caravan, that integrates all essential features like storage space, seat and sleeping elements into units plus a wide range of optional extras so you can upgrade your touring caravan at anytime by adding further units.

I never had a caravan or motorhome but i’ve always wanted one. I remeber that movie where Jack Nicholson takes his huge motorhome one day and just starts driving. I dont realy care how big my caravan will be, it’s just that feeling that you can hook it to your car and just take off and camp out somewhere and become this functional moving unit – eating, sleeping even working on the road, meeting people while traveling beautiful places.

This year the new modular caravan was awarded the stamp of quality of the iF product design award 2006. Also, as a designer myself I couldn’t ignore DESEO company logo design, it’s fresh, I like the color combination and the geometric lines creating the company name. Good work.


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