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Small Tortoise Shell Home


The Galapagos, by Tortoise Shell Home, is a small, portable house offering you an off-the-grid living experience. Starting at 130 sq feet, this mobile home can be used as a vacation cabin, guest cottage, artist retreat, field office, or a starter “grow home”.

Manufactured in a 100% solar powered facility, it’s made from a codding steel frame, which is 50% lighter, uses 30% recycled materials, and produces almost zero waste in it’s construction.


This small home comes with a kitchen, bathroom and shower, a roomy loft, gray water system, and compost toilet. This home can be completely free of normal hook-ups, by adding optional off grid solar power, and an optional high tech water treatment system which can use river or lake water for most of your water usage. Starts at $20,900.



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