The Oree Board: Words Typed with Wooden Keys


With all the emphasis on brushed aluminum, glass, and plastic as the standard materials for design these days, a product that uses a more tactile material is a relief. Although a little strange to think about at first, the Oree Board, a wooden Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad available in maple or walnut is a pretty merger of old-world materials and new-world technology. Continue reading


Miniot MK 2 iPad Cover: Wooden Curves


If ever you needed to make your stylish iPad better looking, here is the opportunity. The Mark 2 from Miniot is a magnetic wooden cover for your iPad that combines a natural texture with the futuristic, metallic tablet. Maybe you’d imagine a wooden iPad cover to be rather stiff, but it is divided with hinged spaces that allow the cover to curve. But while it is malleable, because of its wooden durability, the Mark 2 can be rolled up behind the iPad and act as a stand. Continue reading


Thunderstorm: Home Theater the Size of a Book


Internal tablet speakers fall more than short of an impressive sonic experience. Out of an iPad, Netflix film audio tends to sound like it’s struggling to even present character dialog let alone translate impressive explosions or emotive soundtracks. Inevitably, you end up jabbing the volume-up button as if you were scaring the device into pushing out louder, more definitive sound.

To sooth this impatient tendency, and to transform the tablet into a professional audio-visual device, Belkin created the Thunderstorm, a so-called home theater system that fits around your iPad, delivering the much-needed sonic boost. Continue reading


Mujjo Mini iPad Sleeve: a perfect fit


I love my new iPad Mini. It’s small and lightweight and it looks great. When searching for a case to protect it, I knew I wasn’t going for a folio case or anything bulky, but a sleeve with an ultra thin and lightweight design – and lucky me, I found exactly what I was looking for! an elegant sleeve that fits the iPad Mini so perfectly, by Dutch design studio Mujjo. Continue reading


Beoplay a3: the ultimate choice for iPad fans

The Beoplay a3, by the respected Bang & Olufsen, is a classy, elegant solution for iPad fans that combines a high quality speakers dock, with multi-directional positioning of the iPad.
Have you ever wanted a good quality speaker set with rich bass and treble for the morning wake up song?
Are you tired of connecting and disconnecting external speakers?
Well ! This product combines the abilities of a smart cover, allowing you to write easily when needed, watch videos, or simply hold in your hands and enjoy great sound. Continue reading


Padmanilla leather iPad sleeve: protecting your tablet in timeless style

Offering an amazing ratio between quality & price, the Padmanilla padded sleeve for iPad, designed by Civilian Lab, certainly stands out in its category.

Made from soft leather and featuring a minimal look, it is going to dress your favorite tablet in a discrete, fashionable manner, while protecting it from all hazards. High end and classic designs such as this one are always a clever choice, for the fact that they are a little investment. One buys today, is equally happy to use tomorrow and few years later. Continue reading


Orla Kiely iPad 2 Folio Case: ever so smart

Orla Kiely’s new iPad case is ever so smart, both in looks and functionality. With so many boring folio cases out there, this one truly shines with its soft touch interior, leather trims, and 100% Cotton with PU coating cover adorned with the most fashionable stem print. Continue reading


Chopstakes Multitouch Stylus: ipad chopsticks

Sometimes using a stylus with your iPad can be quite useful and handy, especially if you’re looking to avoid all those nasty fingerprints all over your precious tablet device. iPevo took it one step further, creating a pair of long and elegant multitouch styli in the form of chopsticks. Continue reading


Zip charging station: snaps into place

Here’s a cool gadget for ya’ – It’s called the Zip Touch-n-go and it’s actually a handy, multi-charging station, from The Joy Factory, that lets you charge your mobile devices, like Kindle, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad and more, with a simple touch. Continue reading


Curve Twin: making calls over the internet

Hello… Remember we told you about the Moshi Moshi 03i – a bluetooth wireless handset with a docking charging station for your iPhone? Well, here’s his brother, the Curve Twin.

Designed by David Turpin for Native Union, the Curve Twin consists of the same stylish bluetooth wireless handset just like the Moshi Moshi, however it stands on a base that fits not only your mobile phone but also your tablet device. Continue reading