ipad scanner iconvert 2 50x50 - iConvert Scanner for iPad: Clutter Be Gone

iConvert Scanner for iPad: Clutter Be Gone


Perhaps there’s one thing we haven’t been quick to remove in our digital world. There’s still far too much paper, and most of it comes in the form of exhaustingly boring details like receipts, legal documents, and forms. But before it’s altogether eradicated, there’s a tool that will archive your paper clutter so you can banish it from your life without hesitation.

The iConvert from Brookstone is an iPad dock and document scanner that immediately uploads files to your tablet. Small enough to fit in your laptop bag, the iConvert can travel with you anywhere in case you’re an obsessive who wants to scan and ditch a receipt just after paying for a plane ticket, or a personal security fiend who wants to upload and tear-up a document from headquarters before anyone else can read it.


It’s true that you could just take a photo of your bake statement with your smartphone, but what if you forget that Google+’s instant upload feature is turned on and suddenly all your friends, or enemies, know your private financial data? The iConvert is direct to your iPad and nothing else, just make sure you set a password lock for your tablet, too.



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