tablet stand ciseal 50x50 - Tablet Stand from Ciseal: Simple Design at Its Best

Tablet Stand from Ciseal: Simple Design at Its Best


There seems to be no better material for beautiful designs than a simple piece of wood molded to the perfect form. If stained well to accent the natural color of the material, wood can stand as a solo element that doesn’t need any complexity to catch your eye. It might be that in combination with the equally eye-catching single-material design of the iPad, the bent plywood form of the Ciseal Tablet Stand is the perfect combination.

Inspired by the iconic Eames Lounge Wood Chair, this tablet stand by Ciseal is a wonderfully warped piece of plywood with a wood veneer that creates a cradle for your tablet that might draw a little too much attention by itself. Each stand is made to order with Ciseal’s owner Nicole engineering and producing each piece for each individual customer.

Available with Walnut, Birch, or Oak veneers, each tablet stand is an impressive display of stupifyingly simple design. It certainly functions well with its engineered objective, but you might be tempted to never mount an iPad on the stand and leave it as a self-contained design that captures attention by itself.


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