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Ostfold Tablet Case: natural simplicity

Simplicity has always been the best theme to use in designing a product. Even if it was designed for an age of the microchip, a simpler, cleaner design is always better than something terribly complicated. Also, texture is very important to remember. Natural materials feel grounding while artificial materials tend to always be cold.

The Ostfold Tablet case is a great marriage between simplicity and naturalism. Made from Italian leather and German Merino wool, is a classic case for your very modern tablet.

It may be a bit confusing why a tablet case is so antique, considering the futuristic thinking behind the iPad, but the Ostfold is one of those great mergers between the classic style and the new techniques that excite us.


The Ostfold case also includes a simple wooden pencil and a 16 page notepad. If you want to be known as someone who has respect for the classic designs but is well within the modern world, the Ostfold Tablet case is the perfect accessory for you.

Versions are available for the iPad, the iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, and the Samsung Galaxy Note, all with a brown or black stained finish.



Photography courtesy of Ostfold.

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