Prefab Home in Cap Ferret: living among pine trees

Let me tell you about a steel prefab home in Cap Ferret, France… This contemporary coastal home sits on one of the last remaining non-built sites at the shoreline of Arcachon Bay, where an irregular soil of sand dune is covered with vegetation and 46 tall pine trees that descend towards the beach…

By utilizing a prefabricated structure the architects obtained fine results such as avoiding site destruction and also the waste of time related to traditional construction methods. Now tell me, how does a 180 sq. m. building area not disturb one single tree or vegetation? Continue reading


DOK Doppelhaus: Sister Houses

These two building blocks, which dynamically head their faces towards the sky, are homes for two sisters. This fact is interesting by itself: a perfect solution for two close relatives, who wish to live separately, but still like to stay close to each other. Continue reading


Mirror House: magic mirror on the wall

“Magic mirror on the wall… Who is the fairest of them all?” – In Copenhagen a fairy tale has become true…when MLRP Architecture transformed an old playground structure into a magical reflective pavilion! Continue reading


Copper House 2: bounded by the valley

Body and soul…A true building always captures our attention when it irradiates theses two qualities. Nothing is indifferent in the Copper House in the eyes of the beholder! A rusty skin structure nestled in a rural property in Talca, Chile.

This unique piece of architecture has 165 sq.m. of living space, surprising everyone with its unconventional volume and shape! The name simply defines it – Copper is the magical ingredient for this exquisite project, functioning as the outer skin for the roof and wall surfaces. Continue reading


Froschkoenig: the Power of Color

Looking at the picture above, it’s impossible to ignore the color of this building. And to say “color’’ in trying to describe the visual characteristics of this house, is such an understatement… This is a crazy rainbow explosion, absolutely mind-blowing! No wonder that at first sight everything else – form, function, interior design of the building – become somehow unimportant and distant. Continue reading


House & Garden: mysterious vertical garden

A garden for a house… Simply refreshing and unconventional architecture! Placed in Tokyo between two tall buildings, this tiny four-story house, with 66 sq.m. of building area, reveals itself to the street as a vertical garden!

Isn’t it strange that flowers vases and plants (along with the use of curtains) can really function as a facade, providing the required privacy and intimacy of a life at home? Let me introduce you to this fabulous project by Japanese architect Ryue Nishizawa… All that emerges in this anonymous front is a full-height window, which becomes the main solution to separate interior from exterior spaces. Continue reading


AichingerHaus: Behind the Curtains

You must have seen all sorts of contemporary interior design projects where the exterior surroundings actually gets treated like an interior space, bringing indoors – outside. For example, a massive sofa is taken outdoors to the yard or deck or a sparkling chandelier is hung onto a tree.. It excites!

Hertl Architects went further with their “interior design” experiments and enveloped an entire building in white fabric. What you see is a large, two storied cube-shaped family home, wrapped up in white cloth. Well, I don’t know about you but I love it! Continue reading


La Tour de Bebelles: A triangle prefab in the forest

A virgin natural site is always vulnerable to intrusive actions such as constructions…In Otter Lake, Ontario, there’s a small holiday home that assumes the precious example of how to preserve safely the most wildest of landscapes! La Tour de Bebelles represents a fine testimony of a variety of strategies to minimize man’s impact on such remarkable surroundings. Continue reading


Sugoroku Office: Industrial Soul

This unique urban container office and living space belongs to daiken-met architects in Gifu, Japan. It’s approx 1,198 sq. ft. in size and consists of 7 shipping containers which are held together by a steel mobile frame. Continue reading


Salbke: A social Open air library

This project has become a landmark of Salbkeneighbourhood in Magdeburg, Germany. Vivid colors, unusual forms, pavilions, funny elevations and layouts attract attention to this public space. But what is the function of this place?

This is an open air library, which has been created and used by the residents of the neighborhood themselves. The books just lay on the shelves on the walls of the project’s pavilions. Continue reading