Moderne Sales Center: Urban container office


The Moderne is a 30-story high-rise building featuring luxury apartments and penthouses, in Milwaukee’s Park East Corridor. However, our story does not revolve around this fancy up-scaled condo; we wanted to tell you about its Eco-friendly, shipping-container-based Sales Center. Continue reading


Villa Astrid: among the stones


This modern villa in Gothenburg was inspired by its dramatic West Swedish landscape. The challenge was manifested in the difficult site terrain, the oblique angle of the steep cliff to the view, and the development limitations of 3 meters high eaves and a roof pitch of between 14-30 degrees. Continue reading


Casa M: the best of both worlds


An inner courtyard is a wonderful feature; you can enjoy the outdoors while having plenty of privacy, extend your living spaces for entertaining or simply relax with a good book on a Sunday afternoon.

Tucked away on a hillside, this modern home design wraps around a large courtyard, it has extensive views on one side yet is perfectly private on the other side, allowing its owners to enjoy the best of both worlds. Continue reading


Simplicity: Purely Minimal


This conceptual home is part of a unique collection named Simplicity, created by Italian duo Carlo Santambrogio and the designer Ennio Arosio. The concept is based on a transparent shape – a glass house – combined with other glass elements – a kitchen, bathtub, bed, etc – which seem to be as one with the structure itself. Continue reading


The Mill House: Steaming Hot


The Mill House is a small outbuilding, that serves as a guest house and sauna, nestled in a large old farm in the countryside near Malmo, Sweden.

Adjacent to the Mill House the owners have created a small pool, offering a dip of cold water – a traditional ritual after baking together in the steaming heat of the sauna. Continue reading


Las Pozas: surrealist art in the Mexican jungle


Deep in the Mexican jungle lies a marvelous architectural project called ‘Las Pozas’. Over 36 surrealistic structures, some over 100 feet high, were built in concrete at this magnificent site by the eccentric poet, architect and arts patron, Edward James.

Turning his back to aristocratic Edwardian society, this wealthy Englishman has arrived to Las Pozas, Xilitla, in the early 1950’s to breath life into the surrealist art he loved and collected. Continue reading


La Concha: 15th century barn conversion


This award-winning private residential is a beautiful 15th century barn conversion and extension. This dramatic project makes intelligent use of natural ventilation and recycled materials, blending indoor and outdoor spaces, to create a contemporary family home. Continue reading


Small Art Studio: Pop-out


What was once a tiny, uninsulated 2-car garage has been transformed into a small art studio for a couple and their two children. Continue reading


Prefab playhouses for kids: room to grow


Sometimes a simple cardboard box can become a whole new world for a child – a place of their own where they can paint, read and play. That is the concept of Play Modern’s Cuba and 2Cuba – modern, prefabricated playhouses, who will keep your kids occupied for hours. Continue reading


A House Made of Two: one though apart


This beautiful architectural project explores the concept of modern living in an urban area. The architects decided to split a house in two – starting with one large volume and then carving it in a curve in three segments – resulting in two houses built slightly apart from one another with an inner courtyard connecting the two. Continue reading