House Bierings: Sculptural Eyes


I’m not sure how I feel about this house, however I’m sure architecture buffs would be perplexed and curious about its modern architecture design. It seems to me that the original structure is quite simple, however what makes it interesting is the 2D/3D interface illusions combined with sculptural ‘eyes’ that emerge to frame views of the surrounding countryside landscape. Continue reading


Small Arbor House: Elegantly Curved


This small house is only 800 sq. ft., and is nestled on a green patch of land, among large trees, in Chilmark, Massachusetts. The roof lines and walls are beautifully curved, giving this home a unique feel – the architects have done a wonderful job in keeping the effect subdued and refined – an elegant sensitivity in architecture design. Continue reading


Reclaimed Space: Sustainable Prefabs


These prefabs, from Reclaimed Space, are all about modern sustainable living, while building with reclaimed materials. Spaces are constructed as a typical stick built home; all are fully insulated and come pre-wired and plumbed. As all prefabricated homes and cabins, they are transported to their site, fully complete, and set on concrete foundations. Continue reading


Cooper House: Greenhouse Living


Situated on a 19th century mansion, a group of timber-clad pavilions are arranged around a courtyard. Each unit features a vernacular form with high windows, overlooking the canopy of beautiful grown trees such as the river red gum. Continue reading


Fairytale Houses: Strawbale and Stone


This charming home lies in the northern Catskill Mountains in Upstate New York – A fairytale stone house with a round door, swooping peaked slate roof and steeple! It was hand crafted by Clark Sanders, a veterinarian/artist who thinks of houses as sculptures you can live in, and is famous for his straw-bale houses. Continue reading


Balancing Barn House: Plunging Into Nature


This 35m long house is a modern holiday home in the English countryside in Suffolk. Situated on a beautiful site by a small lake, the structure is balanced on the edge of a slope, with half cantilevered out over a meadow 5m below – As the site slopes, and the landscape with it, the visitor experiences nature first at ground level and ultimately at tree height. Fantastic! Continue reading


Home Extensions: Hoxton House


Who would have thought that a new home extension of only one meter in depth could make such a transformation… Well, it must have made an impression since this project has won the RIBA Award 2011. Continue reading


Bridge House: Side To Side


This modern compact house touches the earth lightly, and as its name points out, it is designed as a narrow bridge connecting two rocky banks above a billabong (a small lake formed by a change in the watercourse).

I love the fact that the house has such a small footprint; supported by steel trusses and anchored by four small concrete piers, the structure hovers above the watercourse, amongst the trees in an almost untouched beautiful setting. Continue reading


Small Cube Home: A Touch Of Outside


With a limited budget of $150,000, this small, box-like house consists of approx. 1,000 sq. ft. The owner asked for lots of light, and to feel like she’s outside even if she’s inside. The result is a cube home, 24 feet on each side, with a clever layout, which makes it feel a lot more spacious. Continue reading


Blob VB3: Small Space-Egg House


How about living in an egg? or a pod? or the Blob VB3?
Created by belgian architectural firm dmvA, the Blob is a small mobile unit which was intended to serve as the office of XfactorAgencies.

The original plan was to build three blobs as a home extension, consisting of an office, a bedroom and a sanitary unit. After being rejected again and again by the local council, it was decided to create one mobile unit, also considered as an organic art object. Continue reading