47% House: The Shell

It’s hard to say how the concept of the 47% House’s shape appeared in the heads of the architects, but it seems to me that the original point was to design a roof as a shell. The idea of looking at a roof as something bigger than just the cover of the upper part of a structure; instead, looking at it as an independent structure by itself; a shelter for all spaces of a home – whether outdoors or indoors. Continue reading


Belly House: the space between

Sometimes restrictions lead to outstanding results! The Belly House, by Japanese architect Tomohiro Hata, brilliantly testifies to that. In Kyoto, Japan, there are several laws which restrict external volume, shape, materials and color. So actually when you think of it the exterior appearance of this house was already decided. A pre-defined ‘package’ works as a starting point to a marvelous architectural solution. Continue reading


Hamra Summer House: Sweet Holidays

A cute summer house (689 sq. ft.) or rather summer barn stands happily in a lavishly green scenery on Gotland Island, Sweden. Indeed, the house looks literally happy and I can’t help thinking of the sweet summer holidays a child could spend there (although washing facilities are outside the house…). Continue reading


Castlewood: Big Eyed Extension

The Castlewood extensions are located in Dublin. These are two modern annexes built up to two 19th century semi-detached buildings. The area of the project is approx. 1,743 sq. ft.

Let me omit the long and complicated past (which I can’t pretend to know well, anyway) of historic annexes and decisions to replace them with new ones, for I think I should focus on what I see (not what I could possibly know) – based on the fact that the old historic 19th century substance is extended with absolutely new, outstandingly bold structures. Continue reading


Palladio i Strandbaden: a small villa for summer

Summerhouses always reflect joy and pure amusement. On the coast of Hoganas, Sweden, Stockholm-based practice dinnelljohansson has achieved this goal by designing a minimal space for a lucky family! Let me guide you through this contemporary reinterpretation of Palladio’s world renowned villas in the Veneto region… but in a more limited budget scenario. Continue reading


Tel-Aviv Port: in relation to nature and civilization

In my opinion, the surrounding that we create for ourselves has to excite, to stimulate one’s mind and to raise emotions. The surrounding must not be dull, it must be alive and mustn’t leave one careless. It has to feed our hunger for impressions or even for being impressed. Besides, since we live in the 21st. century, it has to interact with people, to be in touch with them and make them an active part of itself. Continue reading


The Barn House I: Revitalizing the Power of Design

When I look at the pictures of this house I forget everything. Something happens: I’m feeling inspired. This is the magic of architecture, the magic of design. As it can also be read on the architects’ original description of the house, it is iconic. It is called the Barn House I. First of all, the proportions are iconic. It is a regular cube, with a square lay-out. The roof has an incline of 45 degrees.

The outer appearance of the house is very laconic. However, it doesn’t look like the house was meant to be small or minimalistic. On the contrary, the house feels generous in volume. I’m not sure of the exact size, but I suppose the construction area is no bigger than 530 sq. ft. Continue reading


Treehouse: between alder and oak

Could this be a nature lover’s dream come true? The concept of the tree house has always been on everyone´s childhood memories, as a kind of sacred place for joy and everlasting happiness. Baumraum has turned this shared passion into a reality: the Treehouse. Continue reading


House with Eaves and an Attic: Irony as an Instrument

The House with Eaves and an Attic (yes, there is a house there, behind the huge roof) is situated on a small plot at the top of a hill in Tokyo. The aim was to create a spectacular appearance of a building and to utilize all the space you possibly can out of the dramatically small site on the edge of the slope. Continue reading


Tea House: Amongst the ruins

Do you believe in fairy tales? Let me tell you one. Inside Montemor-o-Velho Castle in Portugal, we find a contemporary building that´s reoccupying the medieval Princesses Palace…of which little is known and almost nothing is left, except for the ruins of the ancient walls that seemingly bounded somewhere in the past. Now the memory remains suspended in the present, in the intimacy of the Tea House. Continue reading