Bozeman residence: A small DIY mountain home

This could possibly be my dream home – it’s modern, compact, efficient, and affordable, surrounded by trees and greenery in a laid back town.
The house features 1,650 sq. ft. of space, consisting of an open kitchen with French doors leading to a patio with a fire pit on the first floor – check!
a home office, bedroom, guest room and yoga space on the second floor – check!
All I can say is that if I ever need to draft a home plan, that would be it. Continue reading


C3 Cabin: A Tiny Modern Retreat

This tiny weekend cabin sits on a deep and narrow wooded lot on a high bluff overlooking Puget Sound. The design of the structure is geometrically modern, featuring a simple wood framed box design with large glazed openings leading to a developed garden. Continue reading


Composer’s Studio: The Sound of Weathering Steel


There’s no denying that nature is the perfect place for tapping into our creative side. Having said that, I wonder what will be the ideal space that will provide both shelter from the elements as well as keep us in-tuned with our surroundings… This small studio space is all that and more. Its simple, unpretentious design makes a bold statement yet blends with the surrounding rural landscape. Continue reading


Cabin-in-the-woods With A Twist: Stacked Cabin


Oh, how I wish for a cabin in the woods, a small getaway to call my own…
Nestled into a densely wooded hillside in a remote Wisconsin forest the Stacked Cabin, with its contemporary geometric character, is far from the traditional log design we usually see when it comes to forest retreats, however it is a fine example of a small modern cabin-in-the-woods with a twist. Continue reading


Mhouse: work/live/gallery space


Being able to work in a large, raw space with high ceilings and abundant natural light, is every artist’s dream. Heck, I wouldn’t just work there, I could live there. The Mhouse combines the two, providing two interlocking L-shaped volumes configured around a central courtyard – one serves as an art studio and the other is for living. Continue reading


Small Apple Tree House: Green & Blue


Extravagant is not the word I would use to describe this home, however I’m sure it will catch your eye if you should pass by this quiet street in Bozeman, Montana. This house is small, only 1,200 sq .ft., adorned with lively colors – green and blue with touches of orange/red – and a distinct apple tree in the front lawn. Continue reading


The Bridge House: over {troubled} water


The location of the Bridge House is simply adorable, nestled in a heavily wooded lot over a seasonal stream, on Bainbridge Island, Washington. This picture looks as if it had been taken out of a fairytale as natural light shimmers and glitters on the water and leafy vegetation. Continue reading


Reeve Residence: How to blend in


I love it when architects manage to successfully blend their architectural creations into the surrounding landscape. And the Reeve Residence is no different – a 2,800 sq. ft. coastal home beautifully nestled into a cliff face on Lopez Island, Washington. Continue reading


Ferrous House: suburban renewal


This project shows us that tearing down an existing suburban house and building a bigger version is not always the answer. By carefully utilizing the original framework, creating indoor/outdoor spaces, and adding smart storage space, the architects beautifully transformed a dark and dis-repaired 1,300 sq. ft. house into a modern sustainable home, without changing its small footprint. Continue reading


Montana Modern Prefab Cabin: On Top of the World


Here’s another modern prefab for you – it’s a beautiful small cabin high up at Montana’s Tom Miner Basin. Supported by stilts, the prefabricated structure consists of two volumes, connected by an enclosed breezeway.

The larger unit consists of an open plan kitchen/living room, mud room, and bathroom, while the smaller unit is dedicated for sleeping – it even has an external staircase leading to a rooftop deck where you can pitch up at tent and sleep under the stars {how lovely!} – Located at 8,600 feet elevation with spectacular views of Paradise Valley, it feels like being on top of the world. Continue reading