Roof Garden Apartment: The Only Way is Up


On top of a warehouse in Shoreditch, north of the City of London, an empty roof overlooked the city. It took almost 7 years for its new owners to obtain permission to build this modern roof garden apartment. Talk about persistence…

This project is an exploration in rooftop architecture and the greening of an urban landscape. The owners wanted to have a place for their family to grow, as well as a way to bring more greenery to the cityscape. Continue reading


Rustic Canyon Residence: openness & tranquility


This is totally unreal! To think that some people simply slide a glass wall and become one with such breathtaking natural surroundings.

Located at the Pacific Palisades in California, an area which is also known as “Where The Mountains Meet the Sea”, this existing ranch home has been re-organized and converted into a contemporary living space with a welcoming, informal atmosphere and expansive open spaces. Continue reading


Schamus Kricorian House: Sustainable Home in NY


Situated on a 100-acre site near an old-growth forest in Upstate New York, this single-family home takes full advantage of long valley views, as well as passive heating and cooling.

With energy saving features and materials, this wonderful house is based on the green concept of “dont build more house than you need” – which I totally relate to – and was featured in the New York Times as a fine example of sustainable design. Continue reading


Ross Residence: folded geometries


Renovated and transformed, this beautiful modern home folds and unfolds in geometric lines to create a new open living, dining kitchen area with ample wall space for the owner’s art collections. Continue reading


Cubes: Small Houses Oozing With Style


Based in Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Twelve3 do small in a big way. Their collection of micro homes, or should we say Cubes, are simple, convenient, and oozing with style. These small, sustainable homes feature approx. 1700 cubic feet of space, with plenty of natural light – Living small doesn’t mean you need to compromise. Continue reading


Modern Barn House in Connecticut


Partially destroyed in a fire, this historic gambrel-style dairy barn in Wilton, Connecticut, has been reconstructed and redesigned into an elegant, modern home with a loft-like living space. Continue reading


HabeRae: Small Houses in Reno


Kelly Rae and Pam Haberman of HabeRae Properties are buying old run down houses inside the urban core of Reno and turning them into tiny, beautiful urban infill homes – “small style with big amenities”. Continue reading


2004 House: Unconventional


Located in Matsumoto, Japan, the 2004 House is a private residence, by Japanese architect Hideyuki Nakayama. It all began with a sketch – an exercise in exploring spatial relationships. The result is truly unconventional – a family home (totally child-unfriendly) with a sunken glass living room and a rectangular slab, which serves as a floor, or should we say, table?! Continue reading


Drawer House: Push and Pull


We’ve all seen all sorts of apartments where furniture and other items are stored within hidden wall units, waiting to be pushed and pulled into position. Personally, I love it when architects and designers plan creative solutions for small spaces or simply go for the ultra minimalism chic in interior design. Continue reading


Book House: A Home and A Library


The concept of this Japanese house is very interesting, and I can honestly say that I have never seen anything quite like it. The Book House is a private residence in Tokyo, Japan. It has the most unique feature embedded in its exterior design – bookshelves! Continue reading