Mash House extension: living in the backyard


The Mash House is a modern extension to a double-fronted Victorian house in North Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia. The new addition looks nothing like the original house – It’s contemporary and sleek with a futuristic touch, celebrating the concept of outdoor spaces. Continue reading


Diamond House: crystalline


Located deep in a canyon in Santa Monica, California, this modern extension seems to be squeezed between the main house and a severely sloping hillside. The new addition serves as a small music studio. In order to blend its sharp geometric shape with the natural surroundings the architects utilized a unique building material system in the form of laser cut fiber cement panels, giving it a crystalline quality. Continue reading


Broeck Cottage: to each it’s own


What was once a much-neglected 18th century homestead in an apple orchard in Columbia County, NY, has been beautifully transformed into a modern cottage home with simple clean lines, completed with a new addition with a distinct character of its own. Continue reading


Tattoo House: piece of art


At first glance, this 3 bedroom house appears as a simple box; if you look closely, you will notice a delicate tattoo stencil, depicting the graphics of a tree, providing an unusual screening method to the glass wall. This unique feature was conceived to soften the modern impact of the new home extension, which now provides a new living/kitchen space for the owner’s young family. Continue reading


Nakahouse: No Beginning, No End


Located in California’s famous Hollywood Hills, the Nakahouse is an abstract remodel of a 1960’s hillside house. The existing structure, with its series of terraced volumes, has been completely reconfigured to open up to hillside views and the natural beauty of its surroundings. Continue reading


Shaft House: a void of light


This small house features a certain aesthetics which is usually found in modern Japanese architecture. It is reflected in the minimalist, geometric look and feel of its exterior, which fits perfectly with its narrow lot settings (20′ x 100′). Although the house has a living area of only 1,400 sq. ft., the unique planning of its interior successfully creates bright and airy spaces. Continue reading


Nest: carved out of wood


This is one my favorite Japanese house designs. It’s unique and interesting, incorporates nature in its finest form, and plays with your sense of space. Looking at it, the house seems like a large wooden box with different openings, however inside, sunken spaces are carved out of the overall wooden shape, resembling a nest. Continue reading


Leavitt Residence: modern {ware}house conversion


A former Chicago warehouse from the 1920’s has been completely renovated to create a modern, 3-story high family home. The original mercantile building has been opened up with expansive windows, that bring loads of natural light into the space, a private yard and roof terrace – all contributing to the contemporary indoor/outdoor way of living. Continue reading


Maquand Retreat: simplicity at its best


Sometimes things are just that, simple, uncomplicated, and there lies their strength and beauty. The Maquand Retreat is one of those things – a small modern cabin reflecting simplicity at its best. Continue reading


Japanese Machi House: living high in the treetops


When building a new home you should carefully consider your surroundings. For example, the architects of the Machi House in Fukuyama, Japan, decided to preserve a large tree to be featured as a beautiful natural focal point. The tree grows out of a small inner courtyard, along the center of the house towards the skylight, while giving the feeling of living high in the treetops. Continue reading