Los Molles House: a secret garden-house

Architecture is meant to be the best nature’s ally, especially when it comes to emphasizing the qualities of a specific site. This is exactly the case in Cachagua, Chile! The Los Molles House shows us how a small program as a weekend home can actually get the most out of a beautiful landscape, where two parallel volumes set the stage for an ingenious fusion between the natural and the artificial… Continue reading


ABE House: like a cat sleeping on a sunny afternoon

Like a grey cat sleeping on a concrete floor on a sunny afternoon…That’s the image that crossed my mind when I first saw the ABE house! This tiny single-family home in Tokyo, Japan (with only 43.81 sq.m. of building area) invokes an anthropomorphic form composed by three volumes of varied heights. Continue reading


NaCI Residence: Passionate Architecture

This house, which consists of different cube volumes put together in a random order, is nevertheless strikingly harmonious. No doubt, in order to create such a beautiful chaos the architects paid careful attention to every square centimeter, to every “spontaneously” pulled forward surface or playfully situated window opening.

But the surrounding helps, too: the structural dynamics of the house body is strengthened by the extremely advantageous plot located in Bethesda, Maryland. The building is located at the foot of a slight inclination, nestled among old, beautiful trees, opening up the views of its curious shape diversity. Continue reading


Pego House: making organic architecture

The holiday home that I’m about to show you is a fine example of how to turn a building into a poetic statement! Where organic illusions become the main theme to resolve all architecture issues, from spatial organization to construction materials. Are you already curious? Follow me for a guided tour through this outstanding architectural project… Continue reading


Kvitjell 1: Nordic Design

Let us travel to Norway this time! I’ve got an amazing piece of architecture to share and I am sure you’ll love it. The design of this natural yet contemporary mountain lodge in Gudbrandsdalen fascinated me at once!

One-storied, horizontally stretched volumes, warm wooden elements, noble stone masonry, Norwegian pine trees… The project consists of two houses, which form an inner yard between them. Thus, the special closeness of the ensemble is created, resembling a small Nordic fortress. Continue reading


Leis House: tradition is innovation

Leis is a small Swiss village where tradition can definitely serve as inspiration to modern architecture! The Leis House stands as an undeniable manifest of making fine contemporary architecture. This building testifies the rare ability of perfectly integrating old and new, without damaging any of them in their relation. I’m talking about a wooden house built in the traditional regional style… Continue reading


Haus M: Traditional Modernism

A fresh interpretation of the traditional Austrian mountain home? Some of you might say, what for – they are so beautiful as they are, looking so harmonious and sweet at the background of mountain views and don’t need any modern interpretations. Nevertheless, let me introduce you to Haus M – an 1,690 sq. ft. Austrian stylization project in Bad Aussee, stylized after the traditional Alpine house. Continue reading


Prefab Home in Cap Ferret: living among pine trees

Let me tell you about a steel prefab home in Cap Ferret, France… This contemporary coastal home sits on one of the last remaining non-built sites at the shoreline of Arcachon Bay, where an irregular soil of sand dune is covered with vegetation and 46 tall pine trees that descend towards the beach…

By utilizing a prefabricated structure the architects obtained fine results such as avoiding site destruction and also the waste of time related to traditional construction methods. Now tell me, how does a 180 sq. m. building area not disturb one single tree or vegetation? Continue reading


DOK Doppelhaus: Sister Houses

These two building blocks, which dynamically head their faces towards the sky, are homes for two sisters. This fact is interesting by itself: a perfect solution for two close relatives, who wish to live separately, but still like to stay close to each other. Continue reading


Mirror House: magic mirror on the wall

“Magic mirror on the wall… Who is the fairest of them all?” – In Copenhagen a fairy tale has become true…when MLRP Architecture transformed an old playground structure into a magical reflective pavilion! Continue reading