Salbke: A social Open air library

This project has become a landmark of Salbkeneighbourhood in Magdeburg, Germany. Vivid colors, unusual forms, pavilions, funny elevations and layouts attract attention to this public space. But what is the function of this place?

This is an open air library, which has been created and used by the residents of the neighborhood themselves. The books just lay on the shelves on the walls of the project’s pavilions. Continue reading


House of a Photographer II: a Mediterranean sculpture

There´s a sculptural white house facing the Mediterranean Sea in Tarragona, Spain… Inspired by a Picasso’s cubist painting, Carlos Ferrater created a magical architectonic composition that matches the wild coastal landscape with abstract fluid forms!

A weekend home for a photographer is placed in a 250 meters long by 18 meters wide plot perpendicular to the sea. The construction is set far back from the water and because of periodic flooding it stands on a platform 60 cm above the ground. The remaining space is full of low palm trees creating the most perfect symbiosis between nature and architecture! Continue reading


Reinchenberg Castle: a medieval tower home

Living in a medieval castle with all the modern comfort… Isn’t that truly amazing? the Reinchenberg Castle can surprise anyone with its magical atmosphere.

A solitary tower in Tubre, Italy, testifies the only remains of Reinchenberg Castle dating from 1150. Restored in 1998 as a holiday home, this 2 meter thick wall tower (with 84 sq.m.) has a 7-floor metallic cylinder inside its empty body. From the ground to the rooftop, every floor has its own function and follows the next ascendant order: storage, toilet, entrance, dining room, library, bedroom and solarium. Continue reading


The Nerima House: Summer Breeze

This house, located in Nerima, Japan, is like a summer breeze: fresh and playful. The main elevation is divided into three blocks. Set apart, each stripe of the building volume is gradually narrower than the previous. The voids between them are also filled with the building body that is set back by a certain depth and height.

There are also large openings – the main house entrance and a balcony – in these “further set” blocks. This distinguishes them even more so from the “stripes”, which are solidly white, with playfully located windows. Continue reading


Neubau Passivhaus: a suspended view

Relaxing and enjoying the mountainous landscape through a magnificent lens…while having a cup of coffee or dinner with family and friends. That´s Passivhaus in the district of Mostelberg, Switzerland. This house stands at 1,100 meters above sea level, in a site that presents a very slight dip.

The building regulations only allowed a two-story structure, so the answer to these limitations was to extend the program for this house horizontally. And guess what? This particular option gave Passivhaus its major tone and formal shape, resulting in the characteristic projections that contain living and dining room, entrance courtyard and terrace. Continue reading


Delancey Underground: Re-Invention of Space Below Ground

In my opinion the attitude towards public spaces has already changed and is constantly changing. Nowadays, public areas are looked upon as places with a special level of the quality of surrounding. The surrounding (I would even say – the interior) of every single public space has to interact with people and be friendly, while presenting various possibilities for people, of different demographic groups and different social background, to socially connect with one another. Continue reading


Sheats Goldstein Residence: an Architectural Classic

Sometimes I feel that we are a bit obsessed with the modernity of architecture, with the “coolness” of its design, with the philosophy of minimalistic shapes, that sometimes the true, or at least another, meaning/form of architecture is forgotten.

So, when we suddenly bump into a genuinely recognized piece of Architecture (with a capital A), it’s like a breath of fresh air. We realize over and over again: the classics are timeless. We go on admiring the old classic architects’ sense of generosity, and, while observing their work we can’t help feeling that their inner slogan must have been “beauty for beauty’s sake”.

The Sheats Goldstein Reidence is one of those masterpieces. Continue reading


Dancing Living House: On the floor

As the name of the house suggests, this place is not only for living but also for dancing. The owners requested a dancing studio to be incorporated into the planning of their home. Since the plot is really small (1,094 sq. ft.), the ground floor of the house is designed as a parking space for two cars. The staircase leads upstairs to the first floor, where there is a living/dancing room and a kitchen.

The entire story has no windows and takes light from the glass parts of the floor between the first and second stories, near the outer wall. The mirrors which cover the walls of the living-dancing floor reflect more light from the glass openings and make the space seem larger than it actually is. Cunningly designed! Continue reading


Floating House: living above water

Enjoy living above water at the Lausitz Resort…or in any another part of the world! Water is the crucial reason for the existence of the Floating House by Steeltec37. A floating prefabricated house that looks like a boat is statically positioned by a small pontoon bridge. This two-level metallic structure follows the industrial fishing boats aesthetics. Continue reading


Tokyo Ramp House: slip sliding away

Le Corbusier said that a modern house should be “a machine for living”. Well, this house is a machine for sliding. And people who are able to slide from their bedroom to their breakfast table must be smiling more than people who use normal staircases. You know, going back to childhood and to doing things simply because they’re fun. (I’m sure there’s a research somewhere about this…) Continue reading