Orlean Gillespie Residence: Transitions


This picture has really caught my eye; I’m not sure if it’s because of the beautiful stonework combined with delicate greenery or what I might find at the end of this mysterious passageway. This picture depicts the entrance to a beautiful Hudson Valley residence, where the visitor moves through this narrow space to reveal spacious living areas opening up to views of distant landscapes. Continue reading


Cob Cottage Homes: What on earth…


Cobworks, led by Patrick Hennebery and Tracy Calvert, offer workshops on how to build sustainable earth and cob houses by using unprocessed, natural and local materials such as sand, clay, straw and water. Continue reading


Deeds Cottage: a small studio, salvaged and recycled


Deeds Cottage is a small garden outbuilding, that serves as a lovely art studio/home office with an irregular pentagon shape to maximize interior space. It sits on a 3,100 sq. ft. lot, near the main house, a renovated 1906 Victorian, in a tree-lined street in Berkeley, California. Continue reading


Cordell House: containers for living


The city of Houston, Texas, has one of the largest most busiest ports in the US, which means tons of shipping containers just waiting to be recycled and transformed into affordable modern homes. The Cordell House is one of those homes, incorporating three steel containers—two 40-foot-long modules and one 20-foot-long unit. Continue reading


Desert Panorama House: Modern Shelter


This modern piece of architecture isn’t named Desert Panorama House for nothing; I mean, look at it… It’s open in almost every direction, with sheltering roof planes that relate perfectly to the horizontal desert landscape. And like the desert climate itself, the house is an array of dualities, combining stone walls with delicate metal and glass doors, open fluid spaces with massive fixed elements. Continue reading


LEAP: Prefab Alpine Pod


If you’re into serious mountain climbing – listen up! There’s a new way to live in the mountains and it’s called LEAP (Living Ecological Alpine Pod) – a modular shelter that is entirely prefabricated and assembled off-site; it’s completely self-sufficient, and designed to resist the extreme stress of high alpine altitudes. Continue reading


Mash House extension: living in the backyard


The Mash House is a modern extension to a double-fronted Victorian house in North Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia. The new addition looks nothing like the original house – It’s contemporary and sleek with a futuristic touch, celebrating the concept of outdoor spaces. Continue reading


Diamond House: crystalline


Located deep in a canyon in Santa Monica, California, this modern extension seems to be squeezed between the main house and a severely sloping hillside. The new addition serves as a small music studio. In order to blend its sharp geometric shape with the natural surroundings the architects utilized a unique building material system in the form of laser cut fiber cement panels, giving it a crystalline quality. Continue reading


Broeck Cottage: to each it’s own


What was once a much-neglected 18th century homestead in an apple orchard in Columbia County, NY, has been beautifully transformed into a modern cottage home with simple clean lines, completed with a new addition with a distinct character of its own. Continue reading


Tattoo House: piece of art


At first glance, this 3 bedroom house appears as a simple box; if you look closely, you will notice a delicate tattoo stencil, depicting the graphics of a tree, providing an unusual screening method to the glass wall. This unique feature was conceived to soften the modern impact of the new home extension, which now provides a new living/kitchen space for the owner’s young family. Continue reading