The Camouflage House: the Colors of Nature

This joyfully striped structure is a 2,691 sq. ft. house, situated on the steep lake bankin Green Lake town, Wisconsin. I find that the house looks especially attractive – with these warmly colorful stripes – in the monochromatic context of winter or as autumn leaves fall to the ground. Continue reading


Gassho: in search of shelter

Architecture always dealt with the notion of memory and time. Commonly, destruction brings tragedy and at the same time opportunities to remake our relationship with the surrounding context. In Iwate, Japan, Koji Kakiuchi developed a small open-air shelter over the remaining concrete foundations of homes that were swept away during the March 2011 tsunami.

This symbolic construction with only 7, 29 sq.m. provides a space for victims to meet and also allows them to homage all those who have perished in that tragic day. In fact, the cabin form reminds the shape of hands joining together in meditation, like a small temple where people can pray…or simply share the loss of a brother or a father… Continue reading


Lucky Drops: Extremely Narrow

Some fight with the sea for the land (I heard they do so in Holland, and they actually do so in Venice as well), some build up a new piece of land amidst the sea (like the new airport in Japan).. The people to whom today’s project belongs to were apparently also struggling for a larger living space. Or they just wanted to impress… Which they successfully did. Continue reading


The Shipping Container House: Prefab Can Inspire

You might think this elegantly modern 1,517 sq. ft. house, in Nederland, Colorado, has nothing to do with prefabricated structures. Yet, not only are two prefab volumes used here, they also determine the planning scheme and the space organization of the house. The primary architects’ idea was to take two long shipping containers and put them onto the plot with a certain distance and angle between them. This was the crucial decision which resulted in an outstanding lay-out. Continue reading


The Vato Guest House: Living in the Garden

The Vato guest house, which can be found in the garden of an old family house near Stockholm, was meant to be an additional living space for guests. Therefore, its area was limited to be as small as possible, actually 452 sq. ft., while containing everything that is needed for a comfortable stay.

This small prefab consists of a bedroom and a bathroom (forming a quiet zone), and an open plan space of cooking/dining/living room. A cute, built-in bunk bed is also available in this area for lounging with a good book or simply as an additional sleeping space. Continue reading


Casa na Areia: footsteps in the living room

Sea and sand set the scenario for this unique example of how to transform traditional into modern! I’m talking about Casa na Areia, a private house on the Atlantic Ocean’s shore, in Grandola, Portugal.

This project is willing to bring the forgotten past into a brighter present! The recovery of four existing wood-masonry buildings (ancient fishing facilities), became the main key for turning these independent units into a single complex with 180 sq.m. Continue reading


Mebius: Space for Living/Feeling/Being

Imagine a house which consists of several houses and several yards… A house imagined by a child or a child’s perception of an environment… A house as an accumulation of different spaces for living… My answer is YES!
A house which enables you to choose in which space you would like to be. A house that feels you, accompanies you as a supportive friend, plays to your tune.. Continue reading


The Osaka House: a Closer Relationship to the Sky Above

We have already been amazed by the unbelievably small Japanese houses on tiny urban plots not once or twice. Yet still, modern Japanese architecture is so unique in style, so positive in form, so life-affirming in its ideas, that we can’t help adore it over and over again.

For me personally, it can be described as a manifest of young, unconventional, self-assertive life! So let us get acquainted with the following example of the Osaka House. Continue reading


T-House: a swimming pool for entrance

A white sculpture invites us to enter into an amazing housing project… The T-House is an enigmatic building for its reinterpretation of the conventional standards. In Tokyo, Japan this small house sits on the slope of a hill with a total space of 114, 47 sq.m. But let me guide you through this exquisite piece of art!

The house entrance is located at the street level, where two white walls break 90° to make the roof of the entrance staircase and swimming pool. Yes, it’s true! To enter this house, you must pass through a gap in the water that covers the entire entrance plan turning into a pool on the opposite facade. What a fine reception for both dwellers and visitors… Continue reading


The Oh House: Strikingly Black

To continue the series of stylish small Japanese houses I decided to write about the Oh House by the wonderful Atelier Tekuto. Although it is narrow and minimalistic, it’s still different from other modern Japanese homes, which are mostly in very light colors; the difference is it’s strikingly black on the outside. Continue reading