Floating House: living above water

Enjoy living above water at the Lausitz Resort…or in any another part of the world! Water is the crucial reason for the existence of the Floating House by Steeltec37. A floating prefabricated house that looks like a boat is statically positioned by a small pontoon bridge. This two-level metallic structure follows the industrial fishing boats aesthetics. Continue reading


Tokyo Ramp House: slip sliding away

Le Corbusier said that a modern house should be “a machine for living”. Well, this house is a machine for sliding. And people who are able to slide from their bedroom to their breakfast table must be smiling more than people who use normal staircases. You know, going back to childhood and to doing things simply because they’re fun. (I’m sure there’s a research somewhere about this…) Continue reading


C-House: chimneys of light

A natural disaster often causes loss and tragedy. The C-house testifies the resurrection of a building that was a victim of three unprecedented flash floods. In Kildare, Ireland, Dot Architecture designed the walls and sloping roofs with chunky chimneys for the remaining ruins.

Re-utilization stood as the main goal for this project as much as making it safe from possible future floods. This contemporary home is an interpretation of a traditional Irish bungalow, respecting its surrounding context. Continue reading


The SunShower SSIP house: Literally and Metaphorically Green

Designed by two Tulane University professors of architecture, the SunShower SSIP house has an interesting story behind it. The main idea of this experimental house is that it can be created easily, using the same off-the-shelf materials as a post-disaster recovery home. From this point of view, this modern prefab home, located in New Orleans, is extremely positive and joyful in its shape and color, which is just right for a physical and psychological recovery process. Continue reading


House Acht5: the Oneness of the Old and the New

What could be more romantic than an old*, solitary**, medium scale*** house in the country?..

* let us not go into details of the dating and imagine that old means just old.
**the way a farmhouse is usually situated.
***one and a half story.

..The one with the clay tile roof. The one with old wooden window sashes. The one surrounded by the fresh, infinite greenery everywhere your eye can see. The one with a fabulous apple tree garden… Have you already got this rurally romantic picture in your head?

And now for the last one… The one with an ultra-modern annex! Continue reading


Small House: the art of fitting

The use of sizes is conventionally associated to clothing… However, the universal art of fitting is a little bit different in some parts of the modern world. Some countries use characters for measure; other countries use numbers. In this particular case, I will use both systems to describe one fine example of how to fit a house into a tiny plot. Continue reading


Extramadura Residence: Nature Gives It All

There are so many projects that are ecologically orientated, so many projects that claim to use as much as possible in terms of natural resources and local environment, that sometimes it’s a bit difficult to get impressed by these “green” features. Yet, the 3,465 sq. ft. Estate in Extramadura, Spain, is very impressive.

The natural aspects are combined so vigorously here, that you can’t decide what was the crucial factor of such a cool and harmonious project realization – whether it was the will and world perception of the owners (who have always loved the countryside), or the talent of the architects who created such a fashionable, yet Eco-friendly house… Continue reading


The Camouflage House: the Colors of Nature

This joyfully striped structure is a 2,691 sq. ft. house, situated on the steep lake bankin Green Lake town, Wisconsin. I find that the house looks especially attractive – with these warmly colorful stripes – in the monochromatic context of winter or as autumn leaves fall to the ground. Continue reading


Gassho: in search of shelter

Architecture always dealt with the notion of memory and time. Commonly, destruction brings tragedy and at the same time opportunities to remake our relationship with the surrounding context. In Iwate, Japan, Koji Kakiuchi developed a small open-air shelter over the remaining concrete foundations of homes that were swept away during the March 2011 tsunami.

This symbolic construction with only 7, 29 sq.m. provides a space for victims to meet and also allows them to homage all those who have perished in that tragic day. In fact, the cabin form reminds the shape of hands joining together in meditation, like a small temple where people can pray…or simply share the loss of a brother or a father… Continue reading


Lucky Drops: Extremely Narrow

Some fight with the sea for the land (I heard they do so in Holland, and they actually do so in Venice as well), some build up a new piece of land amidst the sea (like the new airport in Japan).. The people to whom today’s project belongs to were apparently also struggling for a larger living space. Or they just wanted to impress… Which they successfully did. Continue reading