Mebius: Space for Living/Feeling/Being

Imagine a house which consists of several houses and several yards… A house imagined by a child or a child’s perception of an environment… A house as an accumulation of different spaces for living… My answer is YES!
A house which enables you to choose in which space you would like to be. A house that feels you, accompanies you as a supportive friend, plays to your tune.. Continue reading


The Osaka House: a Closer Relationship to the Sky Above

We have already been amazed by the unbelievably small Japanese houses on tiny urban plots not once or twice. Yet still, modern Japanese architecture is so unique in style, so positive in form, so life-affirming in its ideas, that we can’t help adore it over and over again.

For me personally, it can be described as a manifest of young, unconventional, self-assertive life! So let us get acquainted with the following example of the Osaka House. Continue reading


T-House: a swimming pool for entrance

A white sculpture invites us to enter into an amazing housing project… The T-House is an enigmatic building for its reinterpretation of the conventional standards. In Tokyo, Japan this small house sits on the slope of a hill with a total space of 114, 47 sq.m. But let me guide you through this exquisite piece of art!

The house entrance is located at the street level, where two white walls break 90° to make the roof of the entrance staircase and swimming pool. Yes, it’s true! To enter this house, you must pass through a gap in the water that covers the entire entrance plan turning into a pool on the opposite facade. What a fine reception for both dwellers and visitors… Continue reading


The Oh House: Strikingly Black

To continue the series of stylish small Japanese houses I decided to write about the Oh House by the wonderful Atelier Tekuto. Although it is narrow and minimalistic, it’s still different from other modern Japanese homes, which are mostly in very light colors; the difference is it’s strikingly black on the outside. Continue reading


House D: D for Delightful

You might think this villa enjoys sun heat somewhere on the luxurious California coast or the French Cote d’Azur. You would be mistaken: this time the story comes from Ljubljana, Slovenia, so don’t be led astray by the southern, Mediterranean appearance of this house. Such a location makes this project even more exciting… Continue reading


Xeros House: Wild West Themes

It is no surprise this house is situated in Arizona. Doesn’t it look Western enough? Apparently, the clients and the designers of the house love this American flair of the fabulous Wild West.

Cladded with harshly looking profiled metal panels and composed of rough cube blocks, which resemble a quaint water-tower structure in the middle of a Western American town in the beginning of the 20th century, the building is definitely stylish and has its own peculiar atmosphere. Continue reading


Photographer´s studio over boat house: life in a glasshouse

It’s simply astonishing…On the edge of a lake in Ontario, Canada, there´s a wonderful architectural masterpiece! A reinterpretation of the archetypal glass pavilion in a landscape houses an apartment, studio and boathouse for a photographer.

This beautiful coastal home features a rectangular plan of only 54 sq. m. that seats the stage for a generous open configuration: boats are stored at the lake’s water level while the studio and apartment are placed on the upper floor and mezzanine above. Continue reading


Yokohama Apartment: 4 Triangles as a New Outdoor Space Concept

This Japanese project is not a tiny house this time, it’s actually an extremely unique apartment building. It has lots of open spaces, including open staircases, leading to four “huts”. The total floor area is 1,637 sq. ft., whereas the building area is 898.1 sq. ft. Continue reading


On the Cherry Blossom: The Tale about a Tree and a House

This small cube home is a tree-loving private residence. Why tree-loving? Because it doesn’t want to interact with the street, it closes itself from the street; its simple geometric cube volumes on the lower levels are minimal, as if growing higher and higher, where finally opening up onto a large volume with a splendid window overlooking a blossoming cherry tree… Marvelous!! Continue reading


The House on Stilts: Anatomy

This spectacular house is situated among a densely built-up detached and semi-detached houses in Hiroshima, Japan. The facade surfaces are covered with dark timber, giving it the look of a contemporary wooden hut… With one peculiarity: The first floor has been lifted above the ground floor and a void has been created as a result.

But just as the human body has its bones and muscles, the architectural body has its structure elements and vertical communication channels. These came to be seen anatomically after lifting one floor above the other. I can even see the white steel supports going even thinner and thinner in the process of pulling the part of the upper body. I can see the transparent glass skin appearing around the staircase after the transformation. Continue reading