Truffle: Solid as a rock

This is one of the most interesting architectural projects I have ever seen. It’s called Truffle – a space within a stone that sits on the ground. It consists of hay bales, earth, and concrete, uniquely combined.

The result is a small, amorphous shelter that blends seamlessly with its natural environment. Sounds interesting, right?! Keep on reading to see the unique building process of Truffle, created by Spanish Ensamble Studio. Continue reading


Gap House: A tight space

When I saw this photo I thought to myself: wow, this is a tight space; I mean it’s London’s Notting Hill and all, but still I couldn’t imagine how a family could possibly live there. Well, it seems I was wrong because architect Luke Tozer managed to successfully utilize a tiny urban lot – only eight foot wide- to squeeze in a four-story environmentally-friendly home. Continue reading


Armstrong Avenue: a hidden gem

Take a look at this beautiful renovation project of a 1912 dairy building converted into a 2,200 sq. ft. modern home. I love how the old stonework exterior has been preserved, cleverly disguising a contemporary light filled interior. Keep on reading to see what lies inside… Continue reading


Sumika House: To the point

What do you do when you’re confronted with the challenge of building your home on a narrow lot? You better find yourself an extremely creative architect, like Atsushi and Mayumi Kawamoto. Just look at what they’ve done with this place… Continue reading


Dovecote Studio: a prefab ruin

This unique small outbuilding serves as an extension of the campus for Aldeburgh Music in Suffolk. It combines old and new, modern and traditional in the most fascinating way – a Corten steel structure was prefabricated and craned into position on top of an existing ruin. The new prefab studio seems to be growing out of the original brickwork, soon to be covered by natural vegetation. Continue reading


Zigzag House: In and Out

The Zigzag house is not your typical home, however it definitely complies with the creative brief of Japanese architects. This unique piece of architecture is all about depth and layers, as the visitor needs to pave their way throughout the house, moving in and out of rooms and living spaces. Hey, it’s not called Zigzag for nothing… Continue reading


Oval House Extension: Round and Round

This unique home extension design is something we dont see everyday. An addition is usually a room or a set of rooms built to offer an extra living space. When we think about a room, or any living space for that matter, we usually think ‘box’ – a basic concept which makes this project quite unusual, considering the architects decided on an oval-shaped pavilion. Continue reading


Bozeman residence: A small DIY mountain home

This could possibly be my dream home – it’s modern, compact, efficient, and affordable, surrounded by trees and greenery in a laid back town.
The house features 1,650 sq. ft. of space, consisting of an open kitchen with French doors leading to a patio with a fire pit on the first floor – check!
a home office, bedroom, guest room and yoga space on the second floor – check!
All I can say is that if I ever need to draft a home plan, that would be it. Continue reading


C3 Cabin: A Tiny Modern Retreat

This tiny weekend cabin sits on a deep and narrow wooded lot on a high bluff overlooking Puget Sound. The design of the structure is geometrically modern, featuring a simple wood framed box design with large glazed openings leading to a developed garden. Continue reading


Composer’s Studio: The Sound of Weathering Steel


There’s no denying that nature is the perfect place for tapping into our creative side. Having said that, I wonder what will be the ideal space that will provide both shelter from the elements as well as keep us in-tuned with our surroundings… This small studio space is all that and more. Its simple, unpretentious design makes a bold statement yet blends with the surrounding rural landscape. Continue reading