The Practice House: The Little Cabin That Could


Located in Shafer, Minnesota, this adorable 384 sq. ft. cabin is called the Practice House for a reason. It was built by a couple who wanted to fine tune their building skills before constructing their own permanent home.

When the couple found this small cabin it had no electricity or plumbing, and was in need of a serious facelift, both inside and out. Nevertheless, the couple decided it had great potential and decided to embark on the task of remodeling the structure. Continue reading

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Ranch House: Clearly Transparent


This impressive home is a 1,000 sq. ft. glass house, that sits on a secluded 1,800- acre ranch in Georgetown, Texas. With a facade that disappears into the landscape, it stands as a fine example of connecting a building to its site. And as you’ve already guessed, privacy wasn’t an issue for the owner as most of the house is transparent. Continue reading

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Wong Residence: Surprisingly Fresh


You’re probably thinking: what kind of house can you possibly achieve with deconstructed plywood and concrete? Well, think again, because this small house is clean and contemporary and surprisingly fresh. It serves as the living/working space of Austin-based architectural photographer Patrick Wong and his family. Continue reading

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Whaler’s Lane Residence: Shingle Shangle


An existing oceanfront beach cottage, located in Amagansett NY, has been renovated and expanded to include a new swimming pool, jacuzzi, and trellis, kitchen, second floor bedroom, and terrace.

The concept and individual style of the original cottage has been maintained in the new addition – the result – a unique coastal home, that consists of a series of shingle-wrapped exterior and interior spaces connected via wooden pathways. Continue reading

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L House: Japanese-inspired sustainability


The L House is a Japanese-inspired family home by lm architects in Culver City, LA. It combines both modern and traditional thinking, influenced by elements of zen. As opposed to some people who buy a starter house and then upgrade from there, this couple wanted to build their dream house and make it their lifelong home. A truly sustainable approach. Continue reading

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Pentagonal House: Geometrically Organic


Sitting on a very limited lot, this small house features an exceptional pentagonal shape. The structure is a one-story private home, featuring a compact space of 87 sq. meters. You might think that because of the small size of the overall space and the irregular shapes inside the house, the impression would be crowded and uncomfortable – but that is not the case. The result is modernly beautiful. Continue reading

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Prefab Shelf Pod: Inside The Box


You know the saying that you can never have enough storage space… Well, this prefab home has taken it to the extreme. As you can see, each architectural element in this space – stairs, windows, desks, chairs, etc – have been designed on the basis of a 360 x 300 x 300mm shelf scale, creating a beehive effect – It’s almost like living inside a Tetris game. Continue reading

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Tiny Roof Apartment: Active Space

What can you possibly achieve with a 24 sq. meters of living space? You’ve got to see it to believe it! Christian created a custom built storage system, inspired by the interior design of small boats.

This tiny apartment is full of surprises, where everything you need is hidden in the walls – a kitchen, closet, storage space, a folding dining table, toilet and a separate glass cube shower. Oh, and lets not forget the comfortable double bed hidden underneath the roof terrace. Everything is comfortably available in a click – Check it out!

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The CristalBubble: A See-Through Cabin


Remember we told you about the beautiful treehouse design from the French guys at BubbleTree? Well, now they’ve designed a new and exciting collection, that revolves around a sphere-like shelter. This modern interpretation of the cabin offers a unique experience under the stars while keeping all the comforts of a bedroom suite. Continue reading

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Small House In Yase: Charmingly Simple


This small house design was carefully planned to incorporate a gabled roof and a large atrium, creating a spacious living area that is kept cool during hot summer months, while warm and cozy during the winter. The overall impression – both inside and out – is charmingly simple. Continue reading

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