coastal home design maine 1000x1088 - Sea Change House

Sea Change House

Mismatched cabinetry, an unobstructed view of the ocean from the porch, and plenty of natural light and materials – make up this charming Maine coastal home, designed by Caleb Johnson Studio. Continue reading

Small Beach House Design W/ Zinc Cladding

Zinc House

It’s always a bit of a mixed back when designers dedicate a considerable portion of the design concept to a single material. However, the Zinc House by Ande Bunbury Architects avoids many of the pitfalls associated with a mono-material approach by offering unique formal expressions and an underlying program that makes it all work in concert. Yes, zinc is the main event, but there is plenty of other architecture happening here to make up for the lack of material diversity. Indeed, the Zinc House is much more than its name might indicate. Continue reading

Courtyard House Design In Coastal Victoria, AU

Meakins Road Residence

Meakins Road Residence by b.e architecture is set upon 100 acres of pristine perfection in coastal Victoria, Australia. Backed by 100-year-old Cypress trees, this home was newly constructed from top to bottom, and is based around a variety of sunken courtyards; walled in for privacy while still offering convenient outdoor space to be utilized at will. Continue reading

Modern Coastal Home Made Of Stone

A’tolan House

The A’tolan House provides a serene sea-side oasis that, with a single kink in an otherwise formally pure expression, transforms both scene and experience giving users a salty home tour they won’t soon forget. Create + Think Design Studio designed this beautiful coastal home, which creeps over a breathtaking bluff on the coast of Taiwan. The push-pull of nature vs. man-made is evident throughout the design, which undulates through the existing topography in ways that organize space and frame ocean views. Continue reading

modern coastal home fak36 1000x1502 - The Ribbon House

The Ribbon House

The Ribbon House feels like a combination of fantasy and reality, with an air of Alice in Wonderland and the elegance of a Van Gogh painting. Winner of the first annual AAP American Architecture Prize, FAK3 was recognized as the most outstanding architecture worldwide for The Ribbon House – winning the best ‘Houses Interior’. Continue reading

lake house bottle bay1 800x1068 - Bottle Bay

Bottle Bay

Gently sloping towards the picturesque shores of Lake Pend Oreille near Sand Point, Idaho, sits a stunning vacation home designed by Balance Associates Architects. The home, named for the bay in which it sits – Bottle Bay, is a great example of how contemporary and industrial design can work together to create a space that is functional, yet casual enough for a waterfront getaway. Continue reading

oceanview house bca 800x414 - Oceanview House

Oceanview House

This oceanview compound is outdoor living at its finest. The recently completed guest house, designed by Bromley Caldari Architects, accompanies the main home, a beach cabana, gym, and outdoor dining pavilion. Using local materials of stone and cedar, the private beach village takes advantage of the ocean breezes through immense expanses of glass. These large openings negate the need for air conditioning and are placed for distinct advantage of the vistas. With close neighbors, the individual buildings nestle together with shared glass walled courtyards that create privacy. Deep overhangs mitigate intense summer sun and maximize the low winter solar gain. Continue reading

coastal home bigsur fa3 50x50 - Buck Creek: Elegant Seaside Refuge in Big Sur California

Buck Creek: Elegant Seaside Refuge in Big Sur California


Big Sur’s central California coast line is rugged with the mountains bursting from the sea. In this dazzling natural paradise only a home that gracefully drapes itself across the land feels appropriate. This award winning contemporary vacation home, designed by Fougeron Architecture does that in a most respectful manner. Continue reading

coastal villa design elle2 50x50 - Cool and Calm Seaside Living in California

Cool and Calm Seaside Living in California


This stunning seaside villa seems to emerge from the rocky site on both the inside and the outside. With deep respect and admiration for the natural surroundings, the new home owners, along with architect Bob White and M. Elle Design, have created a haven of casual elegance for their family and grandchildren. Continue reading

modern coastal home vnh6 50x50 - Mediterranean Bare Necessities

Mediterranean Bare Necessities


This stunning home, literally carved in to the rocky seaside cliff, strips away the fuss and uses only luxurious bare necessities. Nature’s surrounding palette of sun, sea, rock, and sky is fulfilling in its minimalism. Here I find that when an interior using exquisite materials, frills are of no benefit. The main floor living, kitchen, and dining areas, awash with light, pour on to a patio. Richly grained stone floors extend outside, a savvy way to expand the space and make it cohesive. Modular, low, neutral fabric lounges hug the stone of the living area. Continue reading