modern barn ranch house tgha 800x534 - Hupomone Ranch

Hupomone Ranch

Located on a 160 acre homestead in the San Francisco Bay area, the Hupomone Ranch champions contemporary architecture flair while maintaining a traditional sense of formal composition and vernacular. It is a ‘ranch house’ in every sense of the term, made to look like an old barn with a modern facelift and promote sustainability reflected by the expansive farm it rests on. Turnbull Griffin Haesloop architects have given the client exactly what they wanted: a modern ranch style house that doesn’t dare sacrifice style for tradition. Continue reading

modern barn renovation ra 800x534 - Historic Barn Renovation

Historic Barn Renovation

If anyone asks: “where were you raised, in a barn?!”, you would be very happy to reply that this was in fact the case – if the Historic Barn Renovation was the barn in which you called home. This 1900’s barn original has been used over the years as a horse stable, a garage, a guesthouse, and now a small, beautifully renovated home by architect Heidi Richardson. Continue reading

modern farm house pb 800x480 - Contemporary Farm House

Contemporary Farm House

Farm houses have a charm that’s admired and desired. This modern version designed by Plan Bureau delivers the vibe of a restored barn without all of the surprises. Conceived as a nearly 900 sq.m. two story home, the brick and wood clad volume is classic in form. In fact, both buildings are classic rectangles with gabled roofs. Continue reading

barn house conversion tka1 - Landhaus


What a brilliant conversion of a 140-year-old barn! Thomas Kroger designed this home north of Berlin for a young family in one-half of the former barn. Gone are all traces of the livestock that resided here. Yet the hearty structure of timber and thick brick walls lives on. Continue reading

modern barn house gsmr llp 50x50 - Summer House at Stora Gasmora

Summer House at Stora Gasmora


Lying among farmed fields in Faro, Sweden, this classic gable shape cloaked in larch pretends to be a barn. Its massive sliding wooden doors and rolling shutters are part of the charade. But step inside and you’ll see a home with modern comforts and the lofty advantages of an old barn. Continue reading

barn house ny goodman2 50x50 - Goodman House: traditional old barn transformed in Pine Plains, NY

Goodman House: traditional old barn transformed in Pine Plains, NY


The Goodman House serves as a contemporary vacation home, however by looking at it you would never guess what’s hidden behind its walls. Apparently, an early 1800’s barn was transported from its original site and re-erected inside this contemporary building of 418sqm in Pine Plains, NY. Continue reading

small house warburg bioi1 800x489 - Warburg House: energy efficiency for small buildings

Warburg House: energy efficiency for small buildings

In Alberta, Canada there’s a small building of 69sqm called Warburg House that sets a whole new standard of energy-efficiency. Bioi Architects developed a series of innovative construction techniques to achieve the perfect atmosphere for a compact pitched roof volume. Two basic solutions were adopted to guarantee the perfect blend with the climate and context of the site: first, the re-use of the barn typology as the main concept, and secondly, orienting the program for maximum southern exposure plus heavy insulation. Continue reading

barn house renovation g 50x50 - House G: Brilliant Barn Makeover

House G: Brilliant Barn Makeover


The tricks used to enhance the spaciousness of this beautiful brick (formerly-a-barn) home are quite frankly genius! The previous home owners had expanded the home to create living, kitchen, and lounge areas. Yet the new inhabitants found that the original barn, with simply creative alterations, would be better suited for those uses. Continue reading

barn house restoration mw1 - Canyon Barn House: Raw Restoration

Canyon Barn House: Raw Restoration

In the Cascadian foothills, a three bedroom cabin retreat nestles in a sleepy valley. The former working barn appears to have always been a home. It seems as though it was continuously well maintained and perhaps the owners just popped in a few new lights and doors. The truth is that the retreat is the result of a meticulous attentive restoration by Seattle-based mw works. Continue reading

barn conversion uk ochre6 50x50 - Ochre Barn: Renovation and Relaxation in agricultural Norfolk

Ochre Barn: Renovation and Relaxation in agricultural Norfolk


The office of Carl Turner architects in London had a triple role when working on the Ochre Barn, situated among a beautiful agricultural backdrop in Norfolk. They acted as architects, project managers and main contractors and brought to new life a multi purpose building which houses a retreat, a studio space and a private residential accommodation. Inspiration, joy and relaxation are fused together in this quite intriguing barn renovation project. Continue reading