treehouse design mirror br 800x1199 - Mirror Cube

Mirror Cube

Look closely and you’ll perhaps be able to make out the Mirror Cube – a treehouse hidden beautifully in plain sight amidst nature. This delightful playhouse for the older crowd, delivers a view from the top of the garden, vineyards and pool, without obstructing the view from the bottom, but rather mirroring that which surrounds it. Literally. Continue reading

tree house modfrugal211 - ModFruGal Tree House

ModFruGal Tree House

There are two very fortunate young boys in Tennessee probably enjoying this tree house even as I write. Their clever parents built it for them from standard readily available materials – namely conventional lumber, plywood, and corrugated metal. It’s just 64 sq. ft. plus a tiny front porch deck. Since it’s a stand-alone structure it isn’t what we typically define as a tree house. Yet it meets that definition in every other way. Continue reading

treehouse design praia6 50x50 - Casa da Praia do Felix: Brazilian Tree House

Casa da Praia do Felix: Brazilian Tree House


This is the tree house of all of our dreams. Resting lightly above the ground on twelve posts, the two-story home enjoys spectacular views and a separate studio doubles as a guest house or exercise room, with its own roof deck. The structures of posts and beams and steel tension rods allow for virtually unlimited expanses of glass. Continue reading

treehouse design perche6 50x50 - La Cabane du Perche: living up in the branches

La Cabane du Perche: living up in the branches


La Cabane du Perche is gently embraced by two centennial oaks in Normandy’s dense forest of Perche Natural Park. This beautiful tree house is suspended 4 meters above the ground with most of its height resting on two composed wood pillars. Wood assumes the composition of this small cabin: the construction, material and visual form of the building constitutes a natural unit. Continue reading

treehouse design hctleksl8 50x50 - Hechtel-Eksel Treehouse: sustainability in the making

Hechtel-Eksel Treehouse: sustainability in the making


This beautiful treehouse in Hechtel-Eksel, Belgium, has been built for grownups to gather and share thoughts and ideas on sustainable practices. It’s actually an inspirational Eco-friendly building for all type of uses and programs… and when it comes to sustainability in the making, what better way to do this then in the form of a tree house. Continue reading

treehouse book taschen1 800x910 - Tree Houses. Fairy Tale Castles in the Air.

Tree Houses. Fairy Tale Castles in the Air.

We just received a copy of Philip Jodidio’s new book: Tree Houses. Fairy Tale Castles in the Air. A hardcover edition, published by Taschen, containing 300 pages, depicting 50 of the best treehouses from around the world.
Our first impression was big and beautiful. Continue reading

treehouse design hemloft 032 50x50 - The HemLoft: an egg-shaped treehouse

The HemLoft: an egg-shaped treehouse


Are you familiar with the natural habitat of tree squirrels? This curious animal lives mostly among trees, collecting food and hiding inside tree trunks. The basis for their survival resides in the forest…The same starting point for the HemLoft by Joel Allen – a singular tree house located in the woods near Whistler in Canada’s British Columbia. The precise location of the house is a secret though because it’s built on government property without any kind of legal permission. Continue reading

tree house bird watcher 102 50x50 - Tree House Bird Apartment: Watching the Birds

Tree House Bird Apartment: Watching the Birds


If you’re an avid bird watcher you will surely love this beautiful project. A brilliant nature-architecture concept was implemented at the Momfuku Ando Centre, in Japan. 78 small bird nesting boxes, in their classical appearance (as we all remember them from childhood), are put together to form a joyful mosaic facade! And that’s not all – the nests occupy only one part of the structure, whereas the rest is a modern tree house for humans – How marvelous! Continue reading

treehouse design cocoon2 50x50 - Cocoon tree: nesting in a... tree

Cocoon tree: nesting in a… tree


Have you ever dreamed of nesting in a… tree? With this question begins Cocoon tree. com its presentation of its amazing treehouse design. And however by reading this paragraph here you’ll properly familiarize yourself with the basic features, I strongly encourage you to visit the company’s site – after of course your happy stay here with me and us today – simply cause it’s marvelously built. Its photographs which are a pure dream, will easily manage to convince you to take the step and go ahead with floating yourself somewhere between trees, above a lake, in your backyard or perhaps in places far far away. Continue reading

treehouse design tom21 50x50 - Tom's Treehouse: with a little help from my friends

Tom’s Treehouse: with a little help from my friends


Can you imagine living inside a sanctuary? In Elkhorn, Wisconsin there´s a place called Camp Wandawega, where a tree literally lives inside a house! For an instant people can be mistaken by the reversed concept of this unique treehouse design

An old elm tree was victim of a fatal disease that killed all the branches. Yet, the strength of the trunk and some lower limbs weren’t affected, so this house is like a living temple…a place to devote nature at its most vulnerable state. Continue reading