EcoCamp Patagonia Domes: A sustainable hybrid hotel


Have you heard about Torres Del Paine in Patagonia, Chile? It is a National Park with mountains, a glacier, a lake, and river-rich areas in southern Chilean Patagonia. Torres Del Paine is the peak of the mountain range, Cerro Paine reaching 3050 meters above the ocean level…We’re talking about one of the most natural places in the entire planet with its unique environment. So, how can an exclusive spot like this receive tourists without damaging its natural resources? EcoCamp Patagonia Domes is the Eco –friendly architectonic answer to this defying challenge. Continue reading


Scout camping kit: best when used often


If you’re a fan of the great outdoors, love spending time under the stars and around campfires, or just enjoy the solitude of the wilderness, then you’ll probably be excited by the camping kit from Scout Seattle. Continue reading


Peel P50: The World’s Smallest Car


I am a fan of little things in life; kittens, babies, donut holes, iPhone 5, etc. Usually my motto is ‘the smaller the better’. As our technology advances, we see the same idea in our smart machines and devices as the competition between manufacturers continues to heat up for who has the fastest, lightest, and smallest product on the market. With that said, I have to draw the line when it comes to a car that weighs less than yours truly. Continue reading


Hotel Droog in Amsterdam

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? Are you planning to visit any time soon? Then Hotel Droog, located in the historical city center of a -17th century building, should better be on your list! As for myself, after 5 visits to the city of canals, bicycles, and pretty houses, I still cannot get enough and I’m always looking forward to my next trip there. Hotel Droog makes me want to prepare all arrangements as soon as possible, cause this is a piece of experience I can’t wait to have! Continue reading


Ketterer motor homes: travel in style

I presume that whether one is a fan of travel trailers or not, the Custom Line of these super modern motor homes from Ketterer will at least draw attention and rise interest in exploring how far modern technology has reached.

From the exterior to the interior, these motorhomes have little or perhaps nothing to be jealous off next to the finest design hotels of the world’s most beloved cities. Additionally, one may take his/her private and custom designed “mini hotel“ with them, while traveling the continents, country after country, settling in their favorite spots when they wish, however they wish. It looks as if a breath of fresh air and enormous capacity has been blown in the once adored VW van, around the times of the hippies. Continue reading


Leaf House: all aboard! by Laird Herbert

A tiny portable home…who wouldn’t love to have one? Especially when it takes a small amount of space and is prepared to accommodate a family of four! That’s the Leaf House, a Canadian creation by Laird Herbert, who was inspired by the timeless concept of building our own home. Continue reading


Whitepod: winter paradise in an eco-tourism concept

If there could exist a name for winter paradise, then Whitepod would undoubtedly be the perfect candidate. A resort located at 1400, in a private ski area in Switzerland, at the foot of the “Dents-du-Midi”, Whitepod was awarded with the World Prize for Sustainable Tourism in 2005.

Consisting of 15 luxurious and spacious ( 40 sq.m each) domes or else pods, this original concept offers a unique and unforgettable experience in a beautiful mountain environment, away from all urban nuisances. A unique ecological concept designed to be in total harmony with the surrounding environment, it couldn’t have been situated in a more idyllic location: above the picturesque village of Les Cerniers, with a fantastic view over the Lake Geneva. Continue reading


BioLite CampStove: humanity’s origins meet modern design

“Forget fuel, charge your gadgets, while supporting a better world?” Another case of playing around with words while in fact this is not the case? Well, thankfully for all, not!

The BioLite Campstove is indeed managing to combine all of these features, while not forgetting to look super elegant and funky at the same time. How does it manage to do so? Continue reading


Aqua Wellness resort: A treehouse hotel

Nowadays, it seems there are more and more luxury treehouse hotels popping up across the globe. Take for example the Aqua Wellness Resort – a stylish hotel with private, secluded villas nestled among the treetops on a private white sandy beach along Nicaragua’s Pacific coast. Hmm, I sure like the sound of that… Continue reading


SeaLander: A tiny trailer that floats

When you say: the great outdoors – I say: count me in! And when it comes to a new, stylish motor home, it’s even better. Check out the SeaLander – a tiny travel trailer with amphibian characteristics. Meaning, if you’re going on a trip and find yourself on the shores of a beautiful lake, it doesn’t mean you stop there, no… Simply let the SeaLander into the water and float away – go swimming, fishing or even explore an island. Continue reading