tool pen mininch 800x490 - Tool Pen

Tool Pen

The Tool Pen is a truly welcome design concept that bridges between traditional tools (which usually have nothing to do with aesthetics) and clean-cut contemporary design. No longer do you have to feel that your screwdriver isn’t beautiful! Designers Yu-Hung Cheng and Hao-Siang Min from Mininch, came up with a versatile design that gives you the best of both worlds – a great-looking multi-tool that holds a set of bits in different shapes and sizes. Continue reading

wooden bike bsg7 800x533 - WOOD.b


Boltz & Saos (BSG) was founded by Thierry Boltz and Claude Saos, a brilliant team of designers working out of their studio housed in Strasbourg, France. And it is out of this design studio their birth child – Wood.b – was born. Wood.b is a design shared equally by this twosome, both in the design elements, as well as in the passion they decidedly feel for this mode of emission-free transportation. From the start, they were no strangers to the phrase: “don’t reinvent the wheel”, but that is exactly what Boltz & Saos did. And they did it with flare! Continue reading

survival outdoor gear vssl 800x800 - VSSL Supplies

VSSL Supplies

Attention campers and hikers, there is a new survival kit on the block that is truly exceptional. The VSSL is a water resistant flashlight that compactly holds survival gear. It was invented by Todd Weimer, the founder of VSSL and a lover of the outdoors. He rightfully concluded that now that LED lights have eliminated the need for batteries in flashlights, the space can be used for storage of essential gear. Smart. Continue reading

fishing kit topo tenkara 800x800 - Topo Designs & Tenkara Rod Co Kit

Topo Designs & Tenkara Rod Co Kit

If you love fishing, you are bound to appreciate the thought that went into the design of this awesome Kit bag. It was created in collaboration with Topo Designs, a company that specializes in designing outdoor fashion and accessories and the Tenkara Rod Company, an expert in fishing equipment. As a result, the Kit’s design is incredibly well planned, and it gives you both easy access to the equipment you need and also makes sure everything fits into a compact fishing bag. Continue reading

camping cooking pot sts 800x800 - X-Pot


I am really into space saving and so the X-Pot is truly my kind of product. The X-Pot by Sea To Summit combines silicone and aluminum and therefore gives you the heat distribution you need but also folds down to the size of an inch tall disk! It is currently marketed as a camping product, but there is no reason why you can’t use it in your kitchen especially if you’re lacking storage space. The pots come in several sizes and their silicone walls have lovely bright colors such as orange, red, grey, blue and turquoise. I am in love. Continue reading

skylodge natura vive 800x533 - Naturavive Sleeping Capsules

Naturavive Sleeping Capsules

The faint of heart need not apply when it comes to Naturavive’s cliffside transparent capsules. These “sleeping pods” are literally suspending by the rocks 400 feet above Peru’s Sacred Valley. To access these pods, guests must navigate trails or brave the zip lines – there’s simply no driveway leading up to these mountainside bird’s nests. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, one certainly cannot dispute that these modules are quite unique. Continue reading

teardrop trailers hct 800x519 - High Camp Trailers

High Camp Trailers

Wow wow wow, talk about a classy joint, with such a luxury trailer you might never want to go home… High Camp Trailers create top end teardrop trailers – a limited amount are produced each year and each one is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. The trailers have a sexy metallic exterior with carefully designed curves, which give it a classy finish and make it a definite show stopper on the road. The interior seems very high end with wood finishings and well organized cabinets and facilities. Continue reading

flying car palv 800x1132 - The PAL-V One

The PAL-V One

Remember all of those science fiction movies that show cars flying in the air- well, it’s not fiction anymore. The PAL-V One is real flying car!!! Made by Europe NV, a Dutch company based in Raamsdonksveer, the PAL-V One which stands for Personal Air and Land Vehicle, enables anyone with a Private Pilot License (PPL) or the equivalent, to fly this amazing vehicle. Based on cutting edge technology, on land the PAL-V is a sleek two door sports car and in the air it functions as a gyroplane. It has an incredible futuristic design that includes foldable aviation capabilities and a bullet like shape. Continue reading

cycling helmets sahn 800x312 - Sahn Helmets

Sahn Helmets

Sahn Helmets are designer helmets with a chic urban look for cyclists and skateboarders. Unlike standard helmets that are usually very bulky and sit high on your head, the Sahn Helmets have a stylish design with a low profile. The helmet sits low and perfectly fits your head. Most visibly, the Sahn Helmets have a soft curved shape that truly compliments the face and transforms the helmet into a fashion accessory. Continue reading

glamping glisten 800x534 - Glisten Camping

Glisten Camping

Bringing the outdoors in is a popular choice in any work, live, and even play space today. Which is where the dome delivers nicely on the open-air covered concept, without holding back on design elements or comfort requirements within this glamping pod in rural France. Continue reading