Hansha Reflection House: Modern Timber Structure

The Hansha Reflection House has a very unique location: it is situated at the entrance of Misakimizube Koen, which is one of the most picturesque parks overlooking the lake and surrounded by Sakura trees. Because of this location the house was treated like an object of the environment. Perhaps due to this, the house is called the Reflection House which has got several meanings here: interior/exterior reflection of the surrounding, introspective reflection of the spaces and of the house structure. Continue reading

House in Asamayama: life in a photographic camera

Sometimes architecture seems to work as a photographic camera… The exposure to natural light as well as the focus on a certain landscape or a specific point of view is constantly present in the process of making architecture.

House in Asamayama, Japan stands deeply bounded with this type of conceptual approach. This peculiar building (with 225 sq.m. of project area) is positioned near the mountain road access and projects its body into the vast tree forest that fills the entire slope of the hill. Continue reading

House in Tamatsu: waiting for the sun

In Osaka, Japan there’s a narrow house that captures our attention with its singular bright appearance… Built for a family of four (parents + two kids) in a very tight urban site, this three-story building replaces an old residence suffocated by the lack of natural light due to its closeness to the surrounding buildings. Continue reading

House in Saka: between inner and outer walls

Architecture often reveals the most outstanding results when it comes to dealing with full privacy. In Hiroshima, Japan an unusual windowless metallic facade defines the boundary between the city and the domestic space. This apparently “blind” inhabitable volume is called House in Saka… and behind this small walled world, a compilation of gardens and terraces are waiting to be discovered. Continue reading

Hojo House: Impression of Space

I would describe this house as a separate flat, taken out of a residential house and set separately as an independent unit. The apartment is located on an extremely limited site and is itself extremely small. However, it allows you to perceive this house as something airy, and the reason for the unusual exterior of the house! Continue reading

W Window House: a shimmering steel tower

In Kyoto, Japan, a little tower is proudly shinning in its suburban surrounding… I’m talking about the W Window House, a three story building with a tall silhouette that has a total floor area of 72 sq. m. However, the most outstanding detail of this small narrow house is the improbable balance that was created between this shimmering steel building and its lower vernacular neighbors. Continue reading

NE Apartment: Multileveled Apartments for Motorbike Riders

This rental apartment house in Tokyo will surely catch your attention. You might even fall in love with it in case you are a motorbike fan. The 8 apartments of the house are designated for those whose lifestyle is all about motorcycles. Continue reading

House K: all together now!

In Tokyo, Japan, there’s a modern building, for two families, stacked in a very narrow site – It’s incredible! I’m talking about a house that is nine meters high, but less than two meters wide in the skinniest part of its whole volume. House K testifies the infinite creativity and capabilities of Japanese Architects to transform less to so much more… Continue reading

Knot House: like a drawer pulled out from a box

A box in box… A usual concept for architects mainly used to solve various challenges. In Tokyo, Japan, a concrete house explores this unique conceptual solution. A three story building with a total floor area of 99 sq. m. plays a curious volumetric game with two different “boxes”. One proclaims a heavy appearance being firmly rooted into the ground while the other aspires a lighter suspended condition. It’s almost like concrete and glass working as Siamese twins! Or simply a reminiscent image of a drawer pulled out from a box… Continue reading

Niu House: an inhabitable prefab composition

In Ikoma City, Japan, prefabricated architecture shows once again all its value and quality. The modern Niu House proudly arises between traditional Japanese style homes. This two story building (with a total floor area of 76 sq.m.) is all about innovation and originality…Let’s take a trip together through this exceptional tiny house where Small is definitely turned into the new Big! Continue reading