Magnificent HQ: A Green Shipping Container Studio


Recycled shipping containers can be a box full of surprises for architects. Located in Hackney City Farm, Magnificent HQ is the headquarters of a non-profit organization called Magnificent Revolution. Created from a converted shipping container, this multipurpose space serves as a studio for creativity and learning. The space demonstrates and teaches energy efficiency principles, beginning with its own example as a prototype. Continue reading

Temporary Container Housing: fighting adversity


Sometimes, exceptional situations lead to outstanding results: Temporary Container Housing is one of these surprising solutions for natural disasters. This multi-story housing project provides 188 homes in Onagawa for those left homeless by the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. The most remarkable detail about this building lies in the use of recycled shipping containers, a mass-produced global module conceived to be transported worldwide by trains, ships and trucks. Continue reading

House Extension: two containers and nothing more


In Nantes, France there’s a wonderful example of how to merge recycled containers with existing architecture: House extension. The request for a small extension for a suburban 1960’s house lead to a pragmatic solution that takes full advantage of the mass produced module designed for transportation worldwide: steel shipping containers. Continue reading

Container Offices: a reusable space for work


While practicing architecture, limited budget doesn’t necessarily mean poor results… On the contrary, Container Offices were conceived under these circumstances and the outcome couldn’t be more perfect!

Two printing companies bought a former textile warehouse with 4.000sqm, a giant space to be properly adjusted to different functions and image. So, the design concept was based on a very pragmatic solution: rather than building a brand new construction in the warehouse, thirteen shipping containers were recycled and assembled in order to house the new program. Continue reading

The Savannah Project: two containers = a house


When wood structures and recycled shipping containers are perfectly combined, a thin line is magically drawn between two opposite worlds: organic and industrial. The Savannah project illustrates the merging of these different realities into a single living space. The result: a contemporary green home created with two 3.7sqm recycled containers. Continue reading

Beach Refuge: recycled containers with ocean views


Refuge is – by common definition – a place or state of safety. In Huentelauquen, Chile it’s called paradise…Beach Refuge represents a small project for a holiday home based upon a restricted number of premises: low budget and a conscious sense of Eco-friendly values. How can all these different principles determinate the development of such a challenging architectonic exercise? Only 24sqm of constructed area were necessary to create a tiny beach shelter: a recycled container is lifted from the sand along with a wooden deck terrace. Continue reading

Container Home Box: all around the world


Imagine a house capable of being erected in any part of the world. Home Box is the answer for such an incredible task. To turn it even more perfect, this tiny building can also serve as temporary housing or even hotel programs. What’s the secret behind the apparent universality of Home Box? A simple key element: by respecting the internationally standardized freight container, this small building can be transported around the world and assembled with standard lifting and transport systems for containers. Continue reading

Holiday Cabana: architecture built by soldiers

Isn’t it just perfect when architects turn wasted materials into a magical inhabitable building? Even more exciting when the result is simply outstanding, born from the hands of no trained skilled construction team.

Built for a lieutenant, Holiday Cabana was constructed without skilled labor, employing soldiers under the architect’s instruction. Very unconventional, don’t you agree? The reason for such a peculiar set of circumstances came from the location – a training camp in Sri Lanka. Continue reading

Container Studio: a black pearl in a forest

Recycled shipping containers always surprise us with their unique versatility and ability to shelter any kind of program… In New York, an artist has a special studio made out of this outstanding prefab.

Once again, low budgets often lead to brilliant solutions: Container Studio consists of a simple structure (78 sq. m. of total area) featuring two modular shipping containers positioned next to each other on a foundation wall. Continue reading

Two-tree house: among Jerusalem pine trees

Simplicity is one of the most audacious challenges that any architect can have. The Two-tree house shows us how this goal is always possible, and when it happens simply leaves no one indifferent! Why does it work? Let’s find out the main reason for the birth of this amazing prefab home. Continue reading