winnipeg skating shelters 4 - Winnipeg Skating Shelters: Celebrating Winter

Winnipeg Skating Shelters: Celebrating Winter


Are some of you already tired of the summer heat and dreaming of the snowy winter time? Check out these cute wooden bodies in the center of Winnipeg, where two rivers (the Red and the Assiniboine) meet.

The rivers create long skating trails in winter (which may last here up to 6 months), so, as the authors of this project say, “learning to celebrate winter makes sense”. And that is, undoubtedly, the main purpose of this project – celebrating winter! Continue reading

modern house california 33 9 - The 33rd Street Residence: Lives and breathes!

The 33rd Street Residence: Lives and breathes!


It’s important that a house remains harmonious and not too overloaded with a certain style. Because even though we know the design was thoroughly elaborated, we feel that special air of non-aggressive, not too sterile harmony throughout the entire house.

Every element has a purpose, nothing is created for the sake of mere decoration. Everything has got its natural, logical function. The house lives and breathes! All this can be said about the 33rd Street Residence – a 4500 sq. ft. house, situated in a row of detached houses in Manhattan Beach, California. Continue reading

modular house mima 3 - Mima house: housing across the universe

Mima house: housing across the universe


A modular house that can be personalized is always a fresh statement in architecture, and the Mima House is no different. A small prototype is now available in Viana do Castelo, Portugal, for the most adventurous believers in modular housing. A prefabricated cabin aims for a flexible, light and fast produced construction. The cost of this 36 sq. m. volume is similar in cost to a mid-range car. Very attractive price for a house which can be erected in every kind of site and climate! Continue reading

house extension ilma grove5 - Ilma Grove House: a positive ecological footprint

Ilma Grove House: a positive ecological footprint


Architecture based in a more positive ecological footprint is such a fine goal to be achieved! In Northcote, Australia, a small extension of a heritage house shows us how to promote a sustainable lifestyle in a very special way. The entire construction is made to spear waste of energy and material…a true Mother Nature ally. Continue reading

japanese architecture s5 - House S: the great wall of Osaka

House S: the great wall of Osaka


One of the seven wonders that can be seen from Space is the Great Wall of China… In Osaka, Japan, there´s no construction as big and emblematic as the Great Wall, however, a residential building designed by Suga Atelier appears like a modern reinterpretation of this ancient construction. Placed beside a main road, House S assumes the role of a physical barrier against traffic noises and visual impact. Continue reading

italian house design picture 8 - Picture House: Italian to the Bone

Picture House: Italian to the Bone


My deep affection towards this house, located in Ripatransone, Italy, began with the picture you see above. “An eye is the first instrument of an architect”, as one of the famous masters said, and, indeed this is true.

Being able to see the importance and the intimate beauty of this landscape, to see the necessity of introducing it into the interior space by means of such a marvelous panorama window – it is already a gift. I must confess, I would be able to close my eyes to the exterior for the sake of this single, truly ingenious interior design. Continue reading

home extension sprojs 5 - Sprojs House: puzzling a landscape

Sprojs House: puzzling a landscape


Staring at an ideal scenario while having lunch or even when reading a book… On the Swedish countryside there´s a red house that simply turns the landscape into a remarkable experience! The Sprojs House works as an extension of a traditional Swedish house. This annex has only 30 square meters of area distributed in a single ground floor plan. Continue reading

prefab home 43base 11 - 43 Base House: prefab for all!

43 Base House: prefab for all!


Extremely limited sites are always a challenge, although sometimes the most adaptable solution is already there to be utilized! I’m talking about the infinite world of prefab structures that are constantly available for the most challenging architectural needs.

In Tokyo, Japan, a multi-level private residence is the perfect example for this kind of possibility, and with an exquisite result! Let’s take a closer look… Continue reading

house makeover lake como 7 - Lake Como House: just like a phoenix

Lake Como House: just like a phoenix


Revitalizing an old house is always a big test for an architect. This peculiar process often stands as an opportunity to create new moments and atmosphere. The Lake Como House in northern Italy illustrates how refreshing this kind of architectonic procedure can be.

A 1970’s house has been turned into a modern building…How? In a very delicate way: the original pitched roof was substituted by a roof terrace while the ancient facades are now “dressed up” in an irregular wooden screen. There’s definitely something about this wonderful project. Continue reading

roof apartment vienna klg 6 - KLG Dachaufstockung: Another New-Meets-Old Story

KLG Dachaufstockung: Another New-Meets-Old Story


I already wrote about a modern roof apartment in a 19th century Viennese building, mentioning how they love experimenting with historical roof reconstructions, adding stylish, daring volumes onto old Viennese houses. Personally I’m always fascinated with these beautiful new-meets-old stories, so I decided to share the next project with you as well. Continue reading