Villa T Extension: connecting time and space

In Ljubljana, Slovenia, there´s a little treasure waiting to be discovered… Sometimes in architecture the smallest programs are the most challenging! The new extension of Villa T captures all the attention because of its singularity…

Picture the following equation: dining + living + covered parking + bicycle storage. Now add this to an existing house while utilizing a constructed area of only 43 square meters to assemble all these factors. That was the starting point of this tiny masterpiece redevelopment of an historical residential area. Continue reading

Crestwood Hills Project: Architecture Classics

Let us dive into the history of architecture and seek inspiration in somewhat older architectural layers. I invite you for a short journey to the glorious times of the American Modernism, namely the Mid-Century Modernism.

You can find many grand design examples and famous names that represent this style. In an earlier article I wrote here about John Lautner and his beautiful Sheats Goldstein Residence. This time our Architectural Classics Column is dedicated to A. Quincy Jones and the Crestwood Hills Project. Continue reading

Container Guest House: Live Easily

You don’t have enough room to accommodate your guests? Take a shipping container, place it in your garden and refurbish it as a home for guests. Just like the initiators of the next project did. As a result of their cooperation with the architects, they now can enjoy this cute metal addition as a guest house. Big windows, an outdoor space in the form of a narrow terrace, and even a canopy with street lamps: all the attributes necessary for a small home away from home. Continue reading

Cafe La Miell: A Landscape Cafe

This modern triangle structure with its striped roof is a coffee house in Niihama, Japan. Being relatively small (at least it looks very well-knit), this building is able to host up to 80 people.

Basically, the structure is shaped out of a one-pitch-roof surface, which lifts up directly from the paving level. Amazing, how smartly did the architects utilized this primary shape and put all the necessary rooms into it, so that it became not only functional but also exciting and stylish. Continue reading

Barcode House: ascending through a glass extension

Home extensions are always a good opportunity for architects to experiment new concepts and solutions. In Washington DC there´s a house extension that looks like the graphic image of a Barcode. I’m not joking…A sequence of horizontal steel rods resemble a barcode on the glass facade of the new building extension. Continue reading

Casa Larrain: 3 in 1

A south-American breeze of wisdom and elegance, Casa Larrain kind of reminds me the early years of primary school, when children used to draw a simple roof and wall to represent a house – So simple and yet so powerful… Placed near the Pacific Ocean in Bahia Azul, Chile, there’s a summer house that confronts all the usual solutions of shape, program and construction! Continue reading

Ecker Abu Zahra Honighaus: an Edward Scissorhands’ sculpture?

I always look at architecture as an artificial extension of the human body… Houses are built to shelter, to protect… So, as a physical and concrete body for life, aging become an inevitable process in architecture.

Copper has the noble capacity of aging in a seductive and tender away. Ecker Abu Zahra Honighaus in Luftenberg, Austria, fully reflects this creative choice! The house is located in a large plot of green land, a parallelepiped volume clad in copper and glass. The window openings are deliberately positioned and designed, almost revealing a cut style very similar to Tim Berton’s Edward Scissorhands! Continue reading

D-Apartment: living inside a curve

This is a call to all non-believers in minimal housing solutions… The D – Apartment in Osaka, Japan reveals how a tiny site can be occupied by a three-story building containing five apartments and even a small shop! Can you believe it? I´m talking about a construction area of 240 sq. m. magically converted into an exquisite floor design…

A rectangle with 2 x 16 meters is bended to fit in the 161 sq. m. area of the site. The volume folds around a narrow courtyard, while external staircases and balconies provide access to the several houses above. Continue reading

FLAG: Extending time and space

Age is always a challenge in architecture… especially when projects have to connect old buildings with new ones! That’s what happens in Fanhdorf, Austria, where an old farmhouse (with more than 200 years) was carefully extended by a new addition: a small building featuring a kitchen and a living space. This new relation proves how meaningful and vital an intervention can be to resurrect sleeping pieces of architecture, bringing them back to the present time. Continue reading

Mirai Nihon: 100% off the grid life

Imagine there’s a house in which technology and nature coexist with people to enable a 100% off-the-grid life. Now take a good look at Mirai Nihon – It’s real, it’s true and best of all, it’s universal!

After the massive tsunami and earthquake that hit Japan on March 11th, 2011, TBWA\HAKUHODO created the concept for this amazing self-sustainable house that has applications for a large variety of needs: victims of natural disasters or simply for housing in any part of the world! A fruitful collaboration with 20 companies provided the new technologies that make 100% off the grid life possible! Continue reading