Are Solbringen: a house for snow lovers

Do you love snow and eventually a little bit of ski? The following words will explain the previous question…In North Sweden three slanted timber houses can be easily confused with the conventional slopes of a ski resort. The site is located just outside Are centre, in a south-facing slope overlooking the river and the mountains. Continue reading

OLIV: Greek Romance

Being an architect in Greece has its advantages. Remains of ancient buildings, romantically scattered here and there, over the marvelous Mediterranean landscapes, absolutely magnificent vegetation, its special spicy-sweet scents, curvy roads, and sun… No wonder that sometimes you’re lucky enough to come upon a task as romantic (at least to my Northern soul) as designing small cottages in an olive grove! Continue reading

Twisted Cabin: architecture which reveals itself slowly

When I first stumbled upon this private home in Kvitfjell, Norway, I thought there was nothing too special about its form. But as I was scanning picture after picture I began to doubt my thoughts, and finally I completely changed my mind – The form is unique yet quite simple in the shape of a slightly twisted block. Continue reading

The Hill House: Artificial Material, Natural Form

You have a house, a garden facing North, and 2.5 kids whose one and only vital desire seems to be playing outdoors? This next project in Melbourne, Australia, could give you an exciting idea of how to improve your living conditions, literally turning your plot’s North-South orientation upside down. Continue reading

The Shack at Hinkle Farm: Countryside Retreat

Sometimes all we need is simplicity. Sometimes in the middle of a workday, our heart demands clear thoughts and a simple lifestyle instantly! We go searching for beautiful cabins or unique vacation ideas, whereas all we need could be a simple rustic retreat in the countryside. Continue reading

The Dune House: It’s All About the Roof

I have a question: Can a roof be extraordinary? The answer is YES, according to the wonderful Norwegian architects Jarmund /Vigsnaes – just look at this amazing holiday home in Thorpeness, England, and I’m sure you’ll agree with me. Continue reading

Balmain extension: A modern relict

We’ve already seen some exciting pieces of modern architecture from Australia. And this new home addition, located in Balmain’s heritage area, is no different. Such a location made it clear, that this small cottage extension had to be really outstanding in its form and philosophy, otherwise – not to exist at all. And behold! the architects succeeded in creating this playful building shape, which resembles a long dinosaur relict! Continue reading

The House with Balls: surrounded by fish and concrete

Concrete walls, fish tanks and shutters weighted with concrete balls…What makes these three different elements come together? The House with Balls in Ahmadabad, India.

This summer retreat of 130 sq. m. gives shelter not only to a family but also to four aquariums for breeding fish! Exceptional and irreverent, don´t you think? Let’s explore this amazing project. Continue reading

Val Tidone villa: an Italian countryside retreat

So tactile that almost touches our soul! Isn’t it just magical when all the pieces of an inhabitable puzzle come together? Well, that´s the luxurious villa of Val Tidone… A large collection of organic materials placed in the Piacentine countryside, Italy. Here, a double-height covered patio attracts everyone to peacefully enjoy a warm sunny day…But let´s get in touch with this masterpiece, shall we? Continue reading

Williams Cabin: a glacial valley view

“Oh, it’s all so quiet…” In Colorado there’s a tiny little excuse to get the perfect relaxation. I’m talking about a small secluded getaway called Williams Cabin – This modern cabin works as an inhabitable framework of an astonishing landscape, where mountains and pine trees surround an unpretentious shelter for people who seek quiet and tranquility… Continue reading