SIP Panel House: a prefab home in 10 days

Prefab is a magical tool for architects…It´s Eco-friendly, rational and just perfect! The SIP Panel House explain all its essence in just three words: SIP stands for Structural Insulated Panels (the body of the building), Panel stands for the concept behind the construction and, finally, House stands for the programmatic reason that allows this small prefabricated home to become real and concrete! Continue reading

House H: Living Space as an Annexe

The floor area of this Ljubljana house is 2,583 sq. ft., yet the most interesting and the newest part of it is its living room! It is just newly attached to the main body of the house. Somehow the clients must have come to a decision that there was not enough living space for them in their existing home. And as an architect, I approve of the idea of living space extension entirely! Moreover, I respect people, who – in their turn – respect their own needs for comfort, beauty, taste and space, and if they are willing to build something extraordinary – this is even beyond my praise. Continue reading

Reading Between the Lines Project: Architecture + Art

This unusual architectural object lies amidst quiet and picturesque rural landscapes of Borgloon, Belgium. If I happen to travel across this country, I won’t miss an opportunity to see it with my own eyes or feel the atmosphere and the space with my own senses – no doubt the best time to visit the site is at sunset. I love places where something special is created – not a residence, a hotel, nor a guest house – where the function of the structure is something far different, or in this case, serving as an art form. Continue reading

House TV: Holiday in the sun

I always said that for me the ideal vacation includes sun, sea and.. cool architecture. Inspired by summer holiday mood, I’d like to introduce you to a marvelous 2,153 sq. ft. villa in Croatia. Its walls are built of large, local natural stone, wall surfaces being uncovered and revealing the beautiful stone masonry. To complete the look, all the openings are equipped with absolutely lovely, sky blue, wooden shutters… Continue reading

Casey Key Guest House: under the old oak tree

Nestled amidst an old oak tree grove on the bank of Florida’s Sarasota Bay, the Casey Key Guest House is more than just a sweet little hut. I love the trees’ appearance, dramatically leaning to the side due to the prevailing coastal western wind. No wonder, the architects decided that the design of the 1,600 sq. ft. guest house should reflect its natural surroundings, expressed in arched, semicircular wooden elements. The rest of the building is also made of timber wood, so that the desired natural look is perfectly achieved. Continue reading

White O House: floating above the ground

A weekend home = pure joy and relaxation! The entire world is green, especially when buildings become a “natural” part of the surrounding context. The site for this house in Marbella, Chile, slopes gently down to the north-east providing the most amazing views over the landscape. Attending to the particular topography, house and site are composed together as a single continuous space! Continue reading

Margaretenstrasse 9: A New View on Historic Buildings Roofs

Imagine historic buildings with modern roofs, which are actually no roofs at all, but new modern home extensions. If you have happened to visit Vienna, surely you know what I’m talking about.

This beautiful, imperial city, which has huge areas of representative past centuries historic buildings, often plays with contemporary additions. And as a refined city, it does it in a highly refined manner! This project in Margeretenstrasse 9 in Vienna is one of these fine examples. Continue reading

Iselsberg: Mountain Reflection

A building (no matter what its function is) can be designed to interact with its surrounding in many ways. Take for example the event center in Iselsberg, Austria – this project interacts by means of reflection.

The entire 6,458 sq. ft. building is covered with darkened mirror glass plates, which are cut in differently sized, rectangular shapes, so that the facade patterns look dynamic, but not too chaotic. Continue reading

Los Molles House: a secret garden-house

Architecture is meant to be the best nature’s ally, especially when it comes to emphasizing the qualities of a specific site. This is exactly the case in Cachagua, Chile! The Los Molles House shows us how a small program as a weekend home can actually get the most out of a beautiful landscape, where two parallel volumes set the stage for an ingenious fusion between the natural and the artificial… Continue reading

ABE House: like a cat sleeping on a sunny afternoon

Like a grey cat sleeping on a concrete floor on a sunny afternoon…That’s the image that crossed my mind when I first saw the ABE house! This tiny single-family home in Tokyo, Japan (with only 43.81 sq.m. of building area) invokes an anthropomorphic form composed by three volumes of varied heights. Continue reading