moto x skip 2 50x50 - The Skip: The end of four-digit unlock codes

The Skip: The end of four-digit unlock codes


Motorola has broken down a rather overwhelming bit of data: we unlock our smartphones around 40 times per day. Do we do anything useful after unlock number 27? Maybe we do something quite productive. But either way, that is a lot of four-digit unlock codes typed to read an e-mail or scroll through our Twitter feeds.

Designed for the Moto X smartphone, the Skip is a device set to make the four-digit lock code a bygone activity. It functions like a key, unlocking your smartphone with a single tap, but the Skip is something between that and an accessory like a bracelet or necklace. With all sorts of color options, the lapel-pin styled Skip will be sure to attract attention if you clip it to your shirt pocket when unused. The texture of the device resembles something like velvet, and the shape is a uniform U that easily clips to any spare sleeve, pocket or belt.


Packaged with the Skip are the Skip dots, sticker-like things that when set in important places, like your car dashboard or bedside table, it will unlock your phone the same way the lapel does.


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