modern cabin yh2 800x533 - La Luge

La Luge

This secluded weekend retreat in Quebec is all about enjoying the area’s winter sports. YH2 Architecture took cues from its log cabin ancestors in clarity, warmth, and materials to create a modern getaway for all group sizes. Continue reading

modern cabin box house 1 800x352 - Box House

Box House

The Box House is a cube of 6 meters built out of local Australian hardwood. The retreat was designed by the late Nicholas Murcutt Architect, prior to his forming Neeson Murcutt Architects Pty Ltd with his wife Rachel Neeson in 2004. On a rural site with no services, south of Sydney, the challenges of budget and location did not allow for site visits prior to design. Working only from the artist clients’ wish list, photographs, and a site survey, the cube was chosen for its capable refinement. Continue reading

chalet interior design bg11 800x514 - Thurnbichlweg Chalet

Thurnbichlweg Chalet

An Austrian chalet comes with very high standards for idyllic locations, spectacular scenery, and charming, comforting interiors. This renovated chalet, by Bernd Gruber, excels at all three through respect for the original structure, the perfectly balanced use of natural materials, and the contrast between tradition and modern design. Continue reading

modern chalet esny 800x571 - Björnen Chalet: Ski In Ski Out

Björnen Chalet: Ski In Ski Out

Central Sweden boasts world class ski resorts that offer top-notch amenities and natural beauty. This chalet comprised of four private homes (from 85 to 115 square meters) could be yours and always waiting for you, if you ever have to leave. Each getaway has three bedrooms and two baths. The grand windows provide unparalleled nature views of the skiing and hiking opportunities just outside your door. Continue reading

modern chalet balsthal pf 800x533 - House in Balsthal: in line with nature

House in Balsthal: in line with nature

With a unique perspective on nature and common room placement and proportions, this home, by architect PASCAL FLAMMER, set within wheat fields and forests is refreshing in its modern simplicity and outlook. With a classic Swiss chalet form, the blackened timber covered house’s aesthetic is straight forward with a serene peacefulness. Continue reading

cool shed book jfl 800x648 - My cool shed: an inspirational guide to stylish hideaways and workspaces

My cool shed: an inspirational guide to stylish hideaways and workspaces

Creating your own small space where you can work, play and relax is a challenge of creativity and individuality. However people from all around the world are making their dreams come true with practicality and style. In the book “my cool shed“, by Jane Field-Lewis, you will find loads of inspiration for oh so beautiful sheds, cabins, studios and workrooms, lovingly created by artists, writers, gardeners, musicians, designers and more. Continue reading to take a closer look at this amazing collection of private hideaways and the stories behind them. Continue reading

modern cabin refuge ja 800x531 - Miner’s Refuge: Ode to Past and Present

Miner’s Refuge: Ode to Past and Present

At the foot of a hill in eastern Washington, a private retreat shared by two families is built on respect for the site and its resources, economies of scale, and the history and vernacular architecture of the mining area. The families’ wish list also included two main bedroom suites, a bunk room, and an open space for cooking, lounging, and dining. Continue reading

tree house modfrugal211 - ModFruGal Tree House

ModFruGal Tree House

There are two very fortunate young boys in Tennessee probably enjoying this tree house even as I write. Their clever parents built it for them from standard readily available materials – namely conventional lumber, plywood, and corrugated metal. It’s just 64 sq. ft. plus a tiny front porch deck. Since it’s a stand-alone structure it isn’t what we typically define as a tree house. Yet it meets that definition in every other way. Continue reading

boat house lake joseph11 800x600 - Lake Joseph Boat House

Lake Joseph Boat House

It always makes me a bit sad that some residences are only used seasonally, though I’m certain that makes them even more delightful when that time arrives. Designed by Altius Architecture, this 112 sq.m. house for boats and people on Lake Joseph in Ontario is an exquisite example. Continue reading

modern cabin yolo baa1 800x1000 - Yolo County Cabin: Influential Farms

Yolo County Cabin: Influential Farms

This cabin in the Sacramento Valley farming community of Yolo County is well suited to its surroundings. In fact, its forms are influenced by local water towers. And the lean-to portion resembles a farm shed, a new and very well detailed farm shed. Continue reading