Small Apartment Graphical Interiors

Apartment Caminha

Drab has been transformed into fab with this 1980’s refurbishment by Tiago Do Vale, largely thanks to the heavy-handed onslaught of a bright blue “organization cube” introduced into this tiny apartment space. Continue reading

tiny apartment design ap 1000x1500 - Nano Pad

Nano Pad

The tiny apartment that is Nano Pad is a progressive, short-stay accommodation opportunity in Sydney, Australia, delivering a quaint boutique feel amidst its “sharing is caring” economical stay benefits. Continue reading

Small Studio Apartment Design

FG75 Studios

FG75 Studios has beautifully taken structural basics and turned this once simplistic skeleton into a multi-level studio work of art. Located in Porto, Portugal, this late-19th century old building was a rehabilitation project intended to breathe new life into a fairly lifeless living arena, and create six, small studio apartments. Continue reading

Narrow Lot Family Home With Modern Interiors

Maison Lagarde

Welcome to the simple pleasures of Maison Lagarde, a small 4-level family home set on a narrow lot in Montreal, Canada, which opens up floor-upon-floor to modern living and an excellent use of limited square footage. Continue reading

Small Apartment Kitchen Design

Miniki Slimline

Welcome to the wonder-workings of Miniki Slimline, a small kitchen that was elegantly designed to disappear into a sleek piece of furniture. Offering a new twist to an old issue, this modular kitchen unit provides space saving solutions for small apartments that still require all the features of a regular home, but in bite-sized style. Continue reading

apartment design pole dancer cc 1000x667 - Dancer's Flat

Dancer’s Flat

Situated in Prague amidst the happening district of Letna, you will find the Dancer’s Flat by COLL COLL – a small space made for movement, where inspiration is felt and dance moves are made. Continue reading

home office studio nordico 1000x750 - Nordico Studio

Nordico Studio

Combine variable colors, impeccable taste, insane design abilities, and voila – you have Nordic Studio! This delightful treat is chalk full of charm and charisma. From the contrasting color scheme, to the variety of wall textures and finishes, to the office space’s sliding glass partition wall – turning this small studio into a live/work space that is nothing short of perfection. Continue reading

small space apartment 49 1000x540 - Flat 49

Flat 49

What happens when you take a small bachelor pad located in the Ukraine and combine it with talented designers? Why, Flat 49 of course! This compact living space is now fueled by multiple shades of grey, and enough masculine energy throughout to grow a beard upon entering. Continue reading

small penthouse design norm2 1000x1350 - Fredgaard Penthouse

Fredgaard Penthouse

This small penthouse loft makes me want to shout Timberrrrrrrrr! in the most endearing way. Between the timber pillars, the whitewashed ‘drift wood’ style flooring, and the wood laden rooftop patio, this penthouse is essentially a really elegant tree within a house. Continue reading

small space apartment fa2 1000x1000 - Graça Apartment

Graça Apartment

Set in Lisbon, Portugal, the Graca Apartment is composed of a variety of small rooms and narrow spaces, but refurbished in a way that makes it feel comfortable to live in. In addition, despite the lack of natural light and an exterior bathroom, this space has been brought to light with rich black and white marble tones, an outdoor patio oasis, and clean-lined furnishings. Continue reading