warehouse home living design - Defoe Road Warehouse Conversion

Defoe Road Warehouse Conversion

It’s official – recycling just got a whole lot cuter! Warehouse no more, as this conversion has now become a sexy house one could easily call home. Continue reading

housing co op flat design aim2 1000x726 - Cohost West Bund

Cohost West Bund

Retro meets forward-thinking living in the project of Cohost West Bund. Set in the district of Shanghai, China, this once hotel has been beautifully transformed into co-op housing, with shared living spaces throughout and individual homes in which to retreat. Continue reading

beach house asian design pool aim 1 1000x667 - K House

K House

Constructed by AIM Architecture and Norm Architects, this boutique villa getaway is set in the southern end of Sri Lanka, offering two exclusive beachfront homes within a dense tropical forest, delivering soft architectural elements that keep nature and home a harmonious duo. Continue reading

victorian cottage living design ac2 1000x667 - Darling Point Victorian Cottage

Darling Point Victorian Cottage

This Victorian Cottage redesign is all things crisp, clean and contemporary, located in – fittingly – Darlington Point, Sydney, Australia. Continue reading

modern country house design stone ma - House Behind a Wall

House Behind a Wall

This century old country house sits in Liberec, within the Czech Republic, with a stone basement that was both the inspiration and the foundation for creating this new living space, all while maintaining some of the home’s historic charm. Continue reading

parisian family home kitchen design abc - A Parisian Family Home

A Parisian Family Home

Once infested with mushrooms throughout the interior wooden structures, this Parisian home is now beautifully fit for the family who dwells here, and is a delicious display of French design. Continue reading

japanese interior design living ba 1000x665 - Darlinghurst Apartment

Darlinghurst Apartment

Set amidst the spectacular city-scapes of Sydney, Australia, this warehouse converted apartment is an exquisite display of curved wood partition walls, high-gloss black kitchen cabinets, and a whitewashed bathroom to die for – or at least take a shower beneath the rain-shower overhead. Continue reading

modern country home design fire pit arb 1000x643 - House in Silhouette

House in Silhouette

Dressed in white inside and out, and accessorized by exterior black trim and interior black window frames, an ebony kitchen island and ash fireplace insert – this country home is a classic beauty with modern appeal. Continue reading

elegant soft interior design ba 1000x752 - Parsley Bay Residence

Parsley Bay Residence

Situated on Sydney’s Parsley Bay, this charming harbor home is awash with white walls, flooring and furniture, featuring contrasting black-framed windows, archways, breakfast nook, fireplace inserts – and more, to create a monochromatic flow that is beautifully soft and elegant. Continue reading

master suite bathroom design cw2 1000x666 - Wallingford Master Suite & Nursery

Wallingford Master Suite & Nursery

Reconstructing a 1912 attic space, was what Casework was put to task with within Wallingford Master Suite & Nursery – and reconstruct they did! Continue reading