modular homes kithaus 3 - Modular homes kitHAUS

Modular homes kitHAUS


KitHAUS prefab homes provide you with modern modular homes built solid with a patented MHS, lightweight aluminum frame and clamping system. Continue reading

storage sheds modernshed - ModernShed: Outdoor storage sheds

ModernShed: Outdoor storage sheds


Outdoor storage sheds should be integrated into the surrounding landscape, since their design will also complement your home. Modern-shed is perfect for storing tools and sport equipment, while can also be converted into a home office or garden studio. Continue reading


Zendome home edition


The Zendome home-edition has the organic form of the hemisphere. It can be used in multiple ways in your home and garden area. Be it as a roof for the swimming pool, a temporary guest house, a garden house or simply a beautiful playhouse for the kids, this dome home has it all. Continue reading

prefab cabins hut - Prefab cabins by Hut

Prefab cabins by Hut

prefab-cabins-hutHut prefab cabins are designed as practical prefabricated home offices and garden studios for work and leisure.

These prefab cabins can also be used as a library, gym, teenage hangout, children’s playroom, artist’s or designer’s studio.

My partner and i have been working from home for the last 6 years, and for a very long time now i have been craving for one of these small cabins/offices/studios (however you prefer to call your prefab hut). We have a fairly large garden and i can just imagine myself working there, designing and writing, listening to music or just hanging out with a good book while staring out the window onto nature. Oh, what bliss. Continue reading

prefab home ecospace 2 - Prefab outdoors modular home by ecospace

Prefab outdoors modular home by ecospace

prefab-home-ecospacePrefab ecocube will extend your home creating a prefab home in your garden. It is perfect as a home extension or an outside office. Now you can relax, entertain or work in the ecocube, ecospace’s prefabricated solution.

The prefab ecocube is made out of sustainable cedar wood and very simple to setup; Continue reading