prefab house kiddo2 50x50 - Kiddo: Prefab Play House

Kiddo: Prefab Play House


Who said prefabs are for adults use only? Check out how the kids’ backyard play area turned modern with the new Kiddo – a creative children’s play house, that is specifically designed for kids with chalk paint interior walls, a fold down table and a paper roll art station. Continue reading

prefab office archipod2 50x50 - Prefab Archipod

Prefab Archipod


Archipod (pronounced ark-ee-pod) is a prefabricated garden office that will make working from home a bit more comfortable – you’ll have a quiet space all for yourself where you could separate your work from your personal life, while saving on travel time and costs. Continue reading

prefab shed office - Home Office Shed

Home Office Shed


For me, this just might be the perfect outdoor home office. It seems I can never get enough of an inviting, light and airy shed, which will not only increase your creativity but will also free some space around your house. Continue reading

prefab studio cfactory 4 - The Colour Factory Lightbox

The Colour Factory Lightbox


This small prefab by Dan Brill Architects is a great example of how to create a garden studio by combining creativity with a tight budget. Continue reading

prefab office pod 4 - Prefab Office POD

Prefab Office POD


No more working on the kitchen table or taking up the spare bedroom – If you’re working from home, as I am, then the Office Pod is for you. It’s a small, prefabricated unit that provides a great working environment for remote workers; you’ll be cutting down on commuting, be more productive and spend more time at home but at the same time keep your work separate. Continue reading

portable prefab studio - Small Prefab Studio

Small Prefab Studio


Remember we told you about the ‘Little House on the Trailer‘? Well, here’s another example of what you can do with their small, portable models. Designed as a gallery or art space, this small prefab studio measures 12′ X 20′ with a 10′ ceiling. It’s fully insulated with ready for hook up plumbing, recycled Douglas Fir flooring, and a porch for two – An ideal place for a studio to create and showcase your work. Continue reading

prefab shed ontario - Prefab Sheds by Summerwood

Prefab Sheds by Summerwood


We found some prefabricated garden shed kits at Summerwood, both stylish and practical. Check out some of our favorite prefab shed designs – The perfect storage space for your garden tools or workshop. Continue reading

prefab home studio marine - Summerwood prefab studios

Summerwood prefab studios


We found some prefab kit designs, from Toronto-based Summerwood, which can easily double as a home studio, workshop or home office space – Check out some of our favorite prefabricated designs. Continue reading

metro cabin fever 5 - Metro Cabin Fever

Metro Cabin Fever


The Metro Cabin is a small prefab getaway; you can use it as a studio, an extra room, a pool-side cabana, or a lakeside retreat. This prefab cabin comes with a sturdy yet sophisticated design, and in my opinion has a bit of a Japanese influence to it. Continue reading

prefabricated modern cabana - Prefabricated Modern Cabana

Prefabricated Modern Cabana


Adding more space to your living environment should be simple and affordable yet look fabulous, according to Modern Cabana prefabricated homes. Continue reading