Zipfy Freestyle Snow Sled: Downhill


If you love the snow and call yourself a winter sports fan, then I’m sure you’ll love the Zipfy (pronounced: zip’ fee) Mini Luge. This colorful freestyle snow sled will get you downhill in an exhilarating ride.

Apart from its uniquely designed shape, one of its best features is a handle which allows you to steer the sled by leaning into your turn – Makes sense, doesn’t it? Continue reading


Ruschmeyer & The Surf Lodge: a sense of nostalgia


With all these fashionable boutique hotels popping up everywhere, I must admit I kinda’ miss the feeling of unpretentiousness. A relaxing atmosphere can be achieved in many ways, however for me nothing compares to the experience of hanging out with friends and family at a special place where stylish design meets bohemian rustic, and where a sense of nostalgia can be restored.

If you’re like me, you better check out The Surf Lodge and Ruschmeyer, both operated by a new lifestyle hotel brand, by the name of King & Grove, dedicated to creating intriguing hotels that are sophisticated and eclectic yet honest and accessible. Continue reading


Babylonstoren: a sense of well being


Just 45 minutes drive from the city of Cape Town, South Africa, in the beautiful Drakenstein Valley, lies Babylonstoren – a 200 hectares Cape Dutch farm with vineyards and orchards. Guests staying at this exclusive farm hotel enjoy its unique accommodation and fine food and most importantly, a sense of well being. Continue reading


The Tunnel of Love: A place lost in time


Bruce Springsteen once sang: It’s easy for two people to lose each other in this tunnel of love… For me, losing myself in nature is also about finding myself, my true self. Beautiful places, like this one, seem to bring us more closer to nature; the thousand shades of green of an enchanted forest, and the canopy that stretches forever let our imagination run wild as if we were in a dream… Continue reading


CamelBak Better Bottle: Better Hydrate Yourself


It’s extremely important to hydrate yourself, and why not do it with a Better bottle from CamelBak… You have plenty of options to choose from: Better Bottle Insulated, Better Bottle Stainless Steel, BPA-Free Tritan/Trutaste and more.

You’d like to have the insulated bottle with you when it’s hot outside; you don’t want your bottle to sweat and you need your water to be cold for as long as possible; the Stainless Steel bottle is a great substitute for plastic bottles, offering 100% BPA-Free, taste free stainless steel, with no inner liners or plastic coating that aluminum bottles require; the BPA-Free Tritan or Trutaste, are perfect for cycling, keeping beverages cold or hot, and allowing you to taste your water and not your bottle. Better hydrate yourself. Continue reading


The Ace: ReInventing the urban hotel


Just a few blocks from New York’s Madison Square Garden lies the Ace Hotel. It’s located at 20W 29th Street, where the successful Hotel Breslin stood in 1904. The Ace is a 12-story boutique hotel with 269 rooms and a passion for classic vintage; interiors were designed by Roman & Williams, mixing objects, lighting and finishes from different eras to reflect a sense of unconventionality, simple elegance and freedom. Continue reading


TravelRest: Cuddle Up to Your Destination


We’ve all been on an plane, bus or train and experienced the same situation – you want to lay your head down somewhere, but simply can’t find the right position. TravelRest has got you covered. It’s a revolutionary product that will have you sound asleep in no time, whichever way you’re traveling.

It inflates in 3-4 breaths, deflates in seconds and supports your whole upper body. It attaches easily to most high back seats or headrests, and won’t slip away. It’s grip will make you want to snuggle it and basically cuddle yourself to sleep. Continue reading


Opera Folding Camper: Life Camping Experience


There are concerts, theater, movies and then there’s the opera. The opera is on a level of its own. See, not all people like the opera, it’s not for everyone. It’s only for those who understand and appreciate its powerful magic to the fullest. Such is the Opera Folding Camper – for people who love camping, but like to do it in a fashionable manner, or as they say ‘take it to the top’.

There are travel trailers and caravans of all sorts, however the Opera is a mobile designer suite in a class of its own, offering you the convenience of a complete holiday home. Its features can compete with a luxurious hotel, allowing you to enjoy nature and camping to the fullest, without compromising comfort. This is the ideal way to travel. This is, in a way, a life camping experience. Continue reading


Airstream Trailer Studio: The Potential To Move


Andreas Stavropoulous is a landscape architect, based in Berkeley, California. He has a 1959 Airstream trailer nestled in the backyard of his house, which he bought and converted into a design studio/living space.

Most of you already know by now that I am an avid traveler, who loves the idea of travel trailers and caravans, so when I read about this outdoor studio space combined with a vintage mobile home, I was immediately captured. I love the idea of working from a non-conventional space that connects me to creativity, design and the open road all at once. And as Andreas says: “You always have the potential to move…” Continue reading


The Tenere Expedition Tent: Discover The World


Life outdoors is not always as easy as we think. Even though you have to love it in order to do it, the reality is that sometimes we face some challenging moments. For that, we have to have the best gear out there. The Ténéré Expedition Tent is by far the best camping gear we could possibly get.

This unique tent is perfect for roadies – it has a special spacious garage bay, designed for sheltering motorbikes; the bay also serves as a sheltered utility area for cooking and relaxing after a hard day’s ride, as well as a storage area, workshop or dressing room with enough height to stand up and change gear. You can be sure that this tent has everything you need and then some. This is major league, baby, you have the best gear you could possibly ask for – Now go out there and discover the world. Continue reading