BioLite CampStove: humanity’s origins meet modern design

“Forget fuel, charge your gadgets, while supporting a better world?” Another case of playing around with words while in fact this is not the case? Well, thankfully for all, not!

The BioLite Campstove is indeed managing to combine all of these features, while not forgetting to look super elegant and funky at the same time. How does it manage to do so? Continue reading


Aqua Wellness resort: A treehouse hotel

Nowadays, it seems there are more and more luxury treehouse hotels popping up across the globe. Take for example the Aqua Wellness Resort – a stylish hotel with private, secluded villas nestled among the treetops on a private white sandy beach along Nicaragua’s Pacific coast. Hmm, I sure like the sound of that… Continue reading


SeaLander: A tiny trailer that floats

When you say: the great outdoors – I say: count me in! And when it comes to a new, stylish motor home, it’s even better. Check out the SeaLander – a tiny travel trailer with amphibian characteristics. Meaning, if you’re going on a trip and find yourself on the shores of a beautiful lake, it doesn’t mean you stop there, no… Simply let the SeaLander into the water and float away – go swimming, fishing or even explore an island. Continue reading


The Endemico Resquardo Silvestre Hotel: I just can’t get it out of my head today

The beautiful Endemico Resquardo Silvestre Hotel, which consists of 20 separate rooms or small huts approx. 215 sq. ft. each, is located in Valle de Guadalupe, Ensenada, Mexico. People, it is sooo romantic! Continue reading


Takeya Glass Water Bottle: stylishly fresh

In today’s market you can find various water bottle designs, however not all bottles are created equal. Some of them are simply better and actually look the part. One of them is the Modern Glass Water Bottle from Takeya – portable, super stylish, and eco friendly. Continue reading


O’Donnell Garden: Style and Recycling

The garden is located in the place of demolished cellars of the Madrid Regional Health Service’s Old Building. The area of the garden is 11060 sq. ft. Not only is the place beautiful in both style and form, this public garden is a fine example of recycling.

Who would have thought you could use so much building garbage to create a brand new garden? Almost everything is reused here: the crushed recycled concrete was used instead of the gravel under the reinforced concrete; recycled glass mixed with resin was used to prevent slippery and give the peculiar shininess to the walking surfaces under the sun; crushed parts of demolished roads are used as the dark drainage gravel. Continue reading


MSR Flex 3 Cooking System: Camping 101


Packing up for camping is a serious business, you always need to be prepared and take your best equipment with you. The problem begins when you find yourself overburden because of all those cooking pots and pans you’ve brought along with you. That’s where the MSR Flex 3 Cooking System really shines! Continue reading


Black+Blum Lunch Pot: Great taste in design


Every time I making lunch for work I always find myself with four containers that dont really fit inside my bag, and usually when I get to the office one of them has already spilled its content all over my bag. So I’ve searched for an alternative and I found out the Lunch Pot, by Black+Blum – the perfect container that everyone of us should have. Who says carrying a lunch box can’t be stylishly cool… Continue reading


QuickSmart Backpack Stroller: Ready to roll


If you’re a travel savvy mom and dad you’ll probably get a kick out of this great product; I give you the Backpack Stroller, from QuickSmart – a light and compact stroller for travel that fits neatly into a backpack – how smart is that?! Continue reading


HB Cabriolet Basket: No more bumpy rides


Every time I go for a bike ride I always get frustrated because my bag is too small and I can’t decide which items to take with me. Moreover, I still need to balance everything on my back while riding my bike which isn’t that comfortable, but now I’ve discovered the HB Cabriolet Basket from Topeak and it changed my entire riding experience.

This stylish bicycle basket is made of a powerful nylon fabric attached to a steady aluminum frame. Another great feature is an integrated sunscreen with window that helps you to protect your delicate cargo, whether it’s food, bottles, books or whatever else you think needs protection. Continue reading