mobile home markies1 - Markies: A Winged Mobile Home

Markies: A Winged Mobile Home

I love architectural projects like Markies. Designed by Dutch firm Bohtlingk Architecture, Markies is a mobile home or temporary living space that is perfect for the home weary and travel ready.

On the road, Markies looks like a regular compact travel trailer. But it expands to an impressive, winged structure when stationary. It reaches some 90 square feet when opened all the way, with just about every necessary division: a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen area, and a livingroom.


Each wing is like a pie-shaped tent. The wing covering the bedroom area is tinted an opaque pumpkin orange, and the sunny side of Markies is protected by a clear screen perfect for bright reading in the living room.



It may be that my only obstacle to using the Markies is that I don’t have a trip to take at the moment. But the allure of Markies makes me want to plan a trip that much sooner.


Photography: Roos Aldershoff, courtesy of Bohtlingk Architecture.

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