wooden toboggan mbs21 50x50 - The Mountain Boggan Toboggan: The Old World of Snow Day Fun

The Mountain Boggan Toboggan: The Old World of Snow Day Fun


The Mountain Boggan Toboggan is one of those designs that gets a little historical with the modern world. And as a former History student, whenever I see people revisiting the old, I am instantly excited.

Let’s start with a bit of history.

Modeled on the familiar wooden toboggan originally used by people indigenous to Canada, the Mountain Boggan features a basswood and willow frame with a huge wave curl at the front. The immediate thought when seeing the Mountain Boggan is of launching down a snowy hill or of a parent hauling their children back to the cabin for a warm drink.



The toboggan is available with or without a one-inch thick, waterproof nylon pad for you to sit on. Given that you’ll end up a little wet as it is, with many sled runs and all, it may be a little folly to opt for the pad. And without, the beautiful willow stems that create the frame are visible, and they section-off perfect seating arrangements, too.

The handmade Mountain Boggan will surely inspire you to adopt all the styles of a Swiss vacation. Grab some hot chocolate, wood for the fire, and after the exhausting sled runs, relax.


Photography courtesy of Mountain Boy Sledworks.

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