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Helios Bars: Transforming Bicycles into Vehicles


As an avid biker, constantly thrusting my arms left and right to single my movement, I am in need of a safer notification system. Cars have everything in this regard. Turn signals, break lights, running lights, high beams. They are outfitted with electronics that announce their presence to guarantee safety.

Bicycles, are much more discreet. And considering that us cyclists are a bit more vulnerable than a driver, we could use something serious, like Helios Bars.

This revision of road bike handlebars is a headlight and blinker system that will make cyclists certain of their visibility. Oriented around three LED’s, one facing forward and two backward, the Helios Bar features a headlight and two turn signals.


The headlight will last for 9 hours of use on a single charge. And the turn signals are fitted to the stems of the handlebars and are activated by a left or right button on the respective handlebars. So, now you can hold on to your bike at all times and still announce that you’re turning.


Added features of the Helios Bars include a GPS tracker that will report a Google Maps location of your bike when you send it a text message. Also, the rear lights will aid in turn-by-turn navigation pulsing faster when a turn is coming up.

Bikes aren’t yet equal to automobiles, but the Helios Bars certainly makes cyclists a little safer.

Photography courtesy of Helios.

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