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Rungu Juggernaut Trike: for insane terrain

What on Earth is the Rungu Juggernaut? At first glance, I am stupefied, completely excited, and trying to figure out how to use it. Basically a heavy-duty tricycle, the Rungu Juggernaut is a fat-tire, three-wheeled bike that is made for big-time beach access.

The Juggernaut was made for insane terrain. If you have any inclinations to go riding up a snow-covered trail, the Juggernaut would surely help you on that route. I can imagine myself hauling huge loads with a rack attached to the Juggernaut—myself dressed in a heavy winter coat and snow pants. Maybe I am hauling freshly cut firewood to heat the cabin…


The tires are 4.7 inches wide! Almost no terrain is too difficult for such dimensions. And how cool will you look riding up to your beach-front home in a human-powered monstrosity?

The core of the Juggernaut is like any modern mountain bike. It is equipped with nine speeds, disk brakes, and a sturdy aluminum frame. It’s setup for rack attachment, too.

Ride with might on the Juggernaut!

Photography courtesy of Rungu.

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