selkbag sleeping bag 03 - SelkBag: body shaped sleeping bag

SelkBag: body shaped sleeping bag

Selk Bag is a unique sleeping bag you can actually wear. The Selk’bag sleeping bag was created by Chilean graphic designer, Rodrigo Alonso Schramm. It wraps your whole body keeping a suitable temperature and offers maximum mobility and comfort better than any other sleeping bag currently on the market.

The Selk’bag offers three different models of comfort and quality suitable as camping sleeping bags and mountain sleeping bags. They all come in different color variations and sizes and you can wear them outdoors at beaches, forests, lakes, cabins etc.


I believe the small will be suitable as a kid sleeping bag. While browsing Rodrigo Alonso Schramm sleeping bag review pdf file, which was very nicely done (design wise), I found out that the name Selk’bag is based on the words sleeping bag + Selk’nam, which were nomad living in the Chilean austral extreme Tierra del Fuego, the land of fire.



Photography courtesy of Rodrigo Alonso Schramm.


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10 thoughts on “SelkBag: body shaped sleeping bag

  1. TP

    I love this idea. When we go camping I have to bring sheets and blankets as I cannot sleep in a restrictive sleeping bag.

  2. Wolfe

    Totally stolen idea, how to make this from scratch from a used sleeping bag and some old boots for free was published online in Make Magazine over a year ago. 😛

  3. beck

    This is stupid. The reason a sleeping bag is so effective at keeping you warm is because of all the body heat generated by your arms and legs being close to you. This is totally ineffective.

  4. Jacki Temple

    Great for when you’re camping alone or in extreme cold, perhaps, but what about those more romantic camping get-aways?


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