portable lamp guidelight 800x1199 - Guidelight


From the delightful packaging to the priceless product itself, Guidelight is not just a staple lighting option, but a lifestyle piece you won’t want to live without! Whether utilizing this versatile light for camping, bedtime stories, an outdoor wedding soiree or a rousing games night amidst friends, this portable lamp is a source of well-lit soft light.

Guidelight truly makes any living space or adventure destination a homey experience, and adds fashion to function with various color choices too.

In addition, Guidelight delivers 10 – to a whopping – 150 hours of light with a turn of the rotary switch, depending on the level you set it to based on your preferred intensity of brightness.




Designed in the Netherlands and shipped worldwide, the Guidelight is a gentle, aesthetically pleasing customized lighting option, one that will beautifully lead you from darkness into light with a turn of a switch!


Design: Weltevree
Photography courtesy of Weltevree

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