Japanese house designs by Cell Space


Looking at the Villa Kaleidoscope Japanese house design, it seems the exterior walls of the house ground and upper floors are roughly hexagonal in shape with the interior walls laid out in honeycomb design.

The kaleidoscopic house weekend house is built on a slope facing Mt. Asama in Karuizawa, Japan. This Japanese house design is based on the client request to enjoy their holiday in an environment differentiated from their urban lifestyle, by being surrounded by a number of trees.

Some walls in this amazing weekend house, by Cell Space Architects, are covered by mirrors that reflect outside views into the rooms, they also reflect the light and add to the feeling of space and brightness. The inhabitants obtain not only the landscape views from the windows, but also the landscape views through the mirror reflections. As people walk through the building the reflected views give a kaleidoscopic visual effect. The residents can enjoy both real and virtual effects inside the building through the beautiful and ever-changing four seasons.



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