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Baby stroller Roddler


The Roddler baby stroller doesn’t come cheap. But if you want to make a statement or turn heads on the street than the Roddler stroller is perfect for you.

The new king of strollers or the Roddler is an amazing customizable baby stroller by Kid Kustoms, providing a whole new platform with functional and stylish design for the juvenile consumer market.


You can choose your new baby stroller with a pearl finish, interchangeable fenders and even a surround sound, so now you and your kids could stroll around the block with style.

“Long live tins and fins”.



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3 thoughts on “Baby stroller Roddler

  1. Shania Scott

    The very smile on Ken and Becky’s face while they are in the stroller indicates how comfortable they feel. This stroller always runs very smooth, no matter in what direction you are pushing it. Whether sideways or backwards it is a smooth ride all the time!!! Ron and myself cherish the travel safe moment with our kids with this sturdy umbrella stroller from wherever we go.


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