child rocker ride wishbone2 50x50 - Wishbone Flip Rocker & Ride On: Rock, Walk, Ride

Wishbone Flip Rocker & Ride On: Rock, Walk, Ride


We all want to buy only the best toys for our children, but the problem is most toys have a short life span and they usually break or your child simply looses interest. This is where the Wishbone Flip Rocker and Ride On kicks in and changes the way we look at toys.

You can say its unique feature is that it ‘grows’ with your child, serving as a starter rocker toy when you child is still young, and as your child gets older it can be changed to a ride-on or push-on toy – TaDa! a 2-in-1 toy.

This feature is available thanks to an easy revolutionary flip technology at the bottom of the toy. With a single spring twist you can change the lower wooden platform from concave rocker style to a convex ride style, and you don’t even need any special hardware to do that – easy peasy.

The Flip Rocker and Ride On is made from high quality materials such as: plantation birch, plastic, aluminum and steel so you can rely on this toy to last for many years. Plus this toy meets with current US, EU, Australia and New Zealand safety standards so you can be assured it’s super safe for your child.


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