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TICIA The Growing Bed

Although there are various versions of a “3-in-1 bed” on the marketplace, TICIA The Growing Bed definitely sets itself apart, moving from baby cradle into adult “crib” (if you will) without losing any sense of appeal.

As the GOLD winner at the European Product Design Awards in 2017, as well as the Eltern & Urbia WINNER of the Consumer Awards in 2015, this grow-with-you bed system by Complojer has already won twice over in furniture innovation.

Offering a multitude of configurations, and turning one furniture function into another, The Growing Bed easily maintains its luster in an ongoing fashion. Not only is this piece a cradle, crib, children’s and adult’s bed, it also transformes into a desk, a change table, a dresser, a nightstand, and a shelving unit.

No matter the changing needs of a growing family, TICIA can seemingly address each and every stage of life. Not only that, but it is constructed out of birch, made in Italy, easy to adjust within the changing environments and seasons of life, and offers a winning combination of versatile beauty sure to please the entire family.

Baby cradle and change table in one
baby cradle change table - TICIA The Growing Bed

Two baby cradles in one – perfect for twins!
two baby cradles in one - TICIA The Growing Bed

Cradle and baby bed in one – perfect for two children of different age
cradle baby bed in one - TICIA The Growing Bed

Cozy children bed with fall guards and storage space
children bed storage space - TICIA The Growing Bed

Children bed and bunk bed – the perfect solution for small rooms
kids bunk bed storage - TICIA The Growing Bed

All in one bed
bunk bed desk storage - TICIA The Growing Bed

Architects: Complojer
Photography: Molografie

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