dollhouse villa sibis2 50x50 - Villa Sibis Dollhouse: Mini Villa

Villa Sibis Dollhouse: Mini Villa


In the past when your parents bought you a dollhouse you knew that most likely you’ll see the exact same dollhouse in your friend’s house, that’s mostly because there was only a single mold that was manufactured. Those days are over and now you’ve got a huge variety of dollhouses to choose from, but there is one dollhouse that really caught my eye, and it’s called the Villa Sibis.

The Villa Sibis Dollhouse is one of the most beautiful pieces of art that your child deserves. It’s 100% handmade from birch and beech wood, and with several great features even you will be amazed how the concept of the dollhouse has changed over the years.


The central building, which is 30”x 10”, contains two large areas: the kitchen and bedroom, each one of them containing different wood furniture. The bedroom contains two beds that lay on a wooden stage and a shower area, located behind the bedroom wall on the back side of the house. The Kitchen area contains one dining table, four stools and a counter – the perfect place to play with friends and family.

The dollhouse itself features a front sliding door, made from a safe Plexiglass, and on the back of the house there is a sliding wood lattice and another Plexiglass wall. And for extra fun and games, on the outside wooden stairs lead us to a Pool House with pool and Plexiglass sliding walls on front and back. So, even if your kid doesn’t play with dolls anymore, don’t be shy and get this beautiful villa for yourself.



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