concrete pod kazuya morita - Japanese Concrete-pod

Japanese Concrete-pod


Japanese architect, Kazuya Morita, created the Concrete-pod; a dome shaped, micro-space hideaway for private and public use. The dome holes connect the indoor with the outdoor environment increasing our sensitivity for deep relaxation and contemplation in nature.


Made from the fiber reinforced concrete, which is the mixture of white cement and light-weight aggregate and glass fiber, the pod diameter and height is 1700mm each, thickness of shell is 15mm only. To get a perspective, a minor axis of a hen’s egg is about 40mm and thickness is 400 micron.



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3 thoughts on “Japanese Concrete-pod

  1. Katie

    Hi there. i’m living in Tokyo japan. omg, Tokyo is a such a ensxepive city i had no idea about that X( i’ve noticed tons of goodies like cosmetics/foods are a lot cheaper in the US though. mmm i need to move somewhere else! hehe (kidding!)

  2. Braven

    Its a good idea you should attach a smaller buble on one side so you can put a sleeping bag in it. It looks like an igloo that I made once that was hardly big enough to fit in


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