tiny home paco01 - Prefab Paco

Prefab Paco

Meet Paco, an all in one living unit from Japanese Schemata Architecture Office and Jo Nagasaka. It’s a 3m box cube that offers a compact yet sufficient living space despite its tiny size. What a unique and inspiring project for creative tiny home owners!

This compact living unit can be placed inside a house, out on a lakeside or on top of a mountain, with the roof opened or closed.



Thanks to its smart and unique design, daily necessities can be found hidden in a space below the floor when not in use; a hanging hammock can be connected to the roof; a dining table can be lifted from the floor; a small bathroom includes a toilet below the floor, while a shower can be used around the toilet.




Oh, and there’s also a bit of extra space at the bottom for a guest room.


Photography courtesy of Schemata Architects.


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7 thoughts on “Prefab Paco

  1. Graeme

    @Bruce : It would only take a small modification to make the shower bigger, say 3ft/90cm on a side. Take the idea and work thru any problems

  2. Bruce

    the shower is ridiculous. I am big and tall guy…that just would not work for me….like showering with the curtain all over you. But i do love the out of the box thinking. Also the white is too stark and hurts my eyes too.

  3. Archie b

    Color would be nice. It hurts my eyes looking at it. I would probably go insane living in there too…very very cool place though.


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