japanese home aluminium 2 - Small Aluminium Cottage

Small Aluminium Cottage


Designed by Japanese Toyo Ito Architects, this compact home is quite impressive both in form and in its choice of materials: a metal exterior finish combined with a warm wood interior design.

Located at Yamanashi, Japan, the elevated structure looks like a metal box with a unique angled roof line.


It has a small yet efficient living area of 614 sq. ft. featuring a space saving layout two-story loft scheme with a lovely zen-like interior design.




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11 thoughts on “Small Aluminium Cottage

  1. Laura Mcwilliams

    I would like to know more about all of your small houses, as I have a need to purchace a very small home, 1 bed Rm. 1 half bath, with just shower, sink, toilet bowl, living, dining, kitchen , area all in one Rm. with a small compac stackable washer & dryer,
    Please reply, and send plans, i would like to have it on 1 floor level., and i would like it to look like a shed or Sm. garage. on the out side. Do you deliver to Canada, New Brunswick? If so, is it possible to let me know through my E mail, with plans and size, and price, with shipping included. I would like to know if they are winterized, and what size foundation i would instal. I’ll look forward to your reply, we don’t want any thing fancy, just the basic. We are willing to petion it off inside, if that will lessen the price. Thank You so Very Much. Yours Truly, Laura Mcwilliams.

    1. busyboo

      Hi Laura, we wish you all the best in finding your new small home.
      The houses featured in Busyboo.com are all architectural reviews – However we recommend you approach the architects themselves by clicking on the link at the end of each post. Good luck 🙂

  2. Caroline

    Hi I amg going to be buiding a play house for my 12 year old daughter and she and I really enjoyed this design we are woundering what the coast is to build somthing like that and are there more photo’s of the inside.

  3. Guillermo Garcia N

    Please send prices and if can be exported to venezuela , in south america. Fob cost and how many houses can be built a month


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