small house tent garden 6 - House in Kodaira: Tent Garden

House in Kodaira: Tent Garden


Here’s an interesting concept for keeping your outdoor garden private. Situated in a residential area in Kodaira-shi, Tokyo, this small house (approx. 93 sq. meters) features a unique garden space at the front of the house. A space that separates the private building from the street.

Most people, who have a garden area at the front of their houses, usually build up a fence or maybe a tall hedge to keep it private. In this case, the architect planned a semi-private garden, which could gradually connect the outside and inside spaces – a tent structure which serves as a partition to separate the areas.

The tent covers the garden as if it was a roof, a wall and a fence, while sliding doors, in the living room, open up to connect the two areas, creating one space.



Outside, the shape of the tent provides the house with a geometric look. Inside, two skylights in the roof and a series of openings in the walls, continue the same geometric effect.





* More info at Suppose Design


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