shipping container hotel bm9 - Shipping Container Tourism: Bayside Marina Hotel

Shipping Container Tourism: Bayside Marina Hotel


Shipping containers are a great solution for building a home. However, they can also serve as an office, a shop and even as a hotel. Take a look at the Bayside Marina Hotel, by Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects, in Kanagawa, Japan – It consists of 31 hotel guest rooms, which are made from 40 ft. steel shipping containers.

In Japan the cost of labor and building material are quite expensive. The affordable solution is to import the buildings themselves, not the building material, resulting in low-cost transportation and a short period of construction.

Based on that, in the Bayside Marina Hotel project, used containers were prefabricated in Thailand. Both interior and exterior of the guest rooms were completed at the factory, ready to be transported to Japan.






“ISO Container is a format for transporting Architecture”




* More info at ysmr


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5 thoughts on “Shipping Container Tourism: Bayside Marina Hotel

  1. FILLY

    HI my name is filly i really like to start my hotel like bluer bay marina and there are lots of containers here if u have a plan for the interior or the the whole plan how much it will cost

    thnk u loking forward to hear from u


  2. evelyn

    hi, i am so interested in your project. i am interested in container homes. I have a 40 sqm. lot in a very expensive place in one of the commercial districts in the philippines. My lot is near an express way. so, it is very accessible. I am interested in putting up a container van home and office. we have so many container vans here in our country which are no longer in used. i would like to use these container vans. is it possible for me to request for the interior plans? i am planning a two storey container van home. is this possible? how much do you seel the plans? it is interesting to note your hotel made of container vans. thanks. evelyn


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