camping utensil set gw 50x50 - Italian Camping Utensil Set: Minimal Space, Maximum Usage

Italian Camping Utensil Set: Minimal Space, Maximum Usage


When going outdoors there’s only one golden rule – keep it minimal. It means taking only the essentials and saving space in your bag, because you’d need it. The Italian Camping Utensil Set, from Garrett Wade, is all about following the golden rule of minimal space while providing you with all the essentials that you need.

Lightweight and sturdy, it feels great in the hand. The five essential tools—knife, fork spoon, can opener and corkscrew—are combined in new, convenient ways. Utensils fit the handle for cooking, or detach for eating. Or you can just use it as a camping knife. This set will actually make you expand the golden rule – minimal space, maximum usage.

Going outdoors is always an exciting adventure, but remember: what you put in your bag is what you’ll carry on your back. For this reason, most outdoor gear is designed to be efficient, take up minimal space and weight. This 440 steel stainless set weighs 5oz and folds to 5-1/2 x 1-1/4 x 1-1/4″. It also includes a woven belt pouch. It’s time to gear yourself up with the right equipment, and get you ready and sorted for your next outdoor adventure.


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