japanese house machi 5 - Japanese Machi House: living high in the treetops

Japanese Machi House: living high in the treetops


When building a new home you should carefully consider your surroundings. For example, the architects of the Machi House in Fukuyama, Japan, decided to preserve a large tree to be featured as a beautiful natural focal point. The tree grows out of a small inner courtyard, along the center of the house towards the skylight, while giving the feeling of living high in the treetops.

Located on a narrow lot, the house itself is quite compact, featuring a total space of 138 sq. meters. You would think that a small structure would feel cramped in housing such a large element as a tree, however in my opinion it’s the other way around – the presence of the tree brings a sense of freedom, light and air, contributing to the feeling of spaciousness.

A large exterior wall that seems to hover in mid air, blocks the busy street and provides privacy to the owners. Squeezed between two buildings, the design of this house utilizes the narrow lot while opening towards small inner courtyards and up to the sky.





* More info at UID architects


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