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Sugoroku Office: Industrial Soul


This unique urban container office and living space belongs to daiken-met architects in Gifu, Japan. It’s approx 1,198 sq. ft. in size and consists of 7 shipping containers which are held together by a steel mobile frame.

The main idea of the structure was the possibility of easy relocation. This was also the reason why I chose to write about this project. In terms of aesthetics this design is not quite my cup of tea, however, there is something catchy about the view of the street with the Sugoroku office and the adjacent buildings.

There is something catchy about this purely industrial design. And there is something ultimately modern and chic about working in a temporary office building like this one. Places of work become more and more short-time nowadays. People work more on separate projects so there is also something like time-spirit mirroring about this project.



Surprisingly, the interior design doesn’t seem to be that temporary as the exterior appearance. Stylishly white walls and light, wooden textured floors add a bit of a natural feeling to the space and look quite sweet and rather finished.






Photography: shinkenchiku-sha

* More info at metworks shop

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