camp stove biolite 11 50x50 - BioLite CampStove: humanity's origins meet modern design

BioLite CampStove: humanity’s origins meet modern design


“Forget fuel, charge your gadgets, while supporting a better world?” Another case of playing around with words while in fact this is not the case? Well, thankfully for all, not!

The BioLite Campstove is indeed managing to combine all of these features, while not forgetting to look super elegant and funky at the same time. How does it manage to do so?

By wisely using nature’s elements such as heat and air to produce electricity. Basically it is so simple as it using heat, converting it to electricity, which in its turn powers a fan, so that the fire is made ultra efficient. Any extra electricity won’t be wasted as one may use it to charge mobile phones and LED lights. A little sort of brilliant I’d say!


This chart is mostly explanatory concerning how BioLite is more cost effective than its competitors, while offering unique environmental and social benefits. I’m completely amazed by the total elimination of the need to use heavy, expensive, polluting petroleum gas!


I’m also so charmed by the fact that one would need to simply collect twigs in order to start up a little fire, a process which brings us so incredibly back to the beginnings of humanity, yet something so modern and advanced as an outcome is achieved.

Camping is certainly brought to its most desired level with this gem of a device: going back to nature and enjoying it, while respecting and sustaining it. I might be not a camper, but as a frequent pic nic-er this would be just perfect.
Finally, having it as a reserve during times when the power lines are down would enable us to charge our devices and cook even then. Just ingenious, almost too good to be true.





* More info at biolitestove

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