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Scout camping kit: best when used often


If you’re a fan of the great outdoors, love spending time under the stars and around campfires, or just enjoy the solitude of the wilderness, then you’ll probably be excited by the camping kit from Scout Seattle.

The Scout camping kit consists of six items which are as beautiful and inspiring as they are functional and simple to use, all made in the US and completed with that Americana-inspired look & feel which I love.

The Field Bed is made from organic selvage denim, with a 100% cotton Japanese chambray interior. You can roll it up and tie down with leather strap for transport. When you find the perfect spot, spread it out – sleep on top or inside zipped up.



The Traveler Boots look great, featuring Natural Horween® Chromexcel® outer, horsehide insole, deerskin lining, Vibram® Gumlite® sole, and antique brass D-rings – all to protect your feet and keep you comfortable while hiking through the roughest terrain.



The Single Pole Tent will provide shelter from rain, wind and snow with its natural Sunforger Canvas construction.



And last but not least, the Single Blade Lock-back Knife… heck, you never know when you’ll need one.


Also, I really liked their website – modern yet minimalist, combined with Wes Sumner’s wonderful Photography which simply threw me into the magical wilderness of Washington state, and the inspiring words by the founder of Scout, Ben Masters.


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