laptop rucksack isar 50x50 - Isar Rucksack by Cote&Ciel: hidden minimalism

Isar Rucksack by Cote&Ciel: hidden minimalism


Imagine a backpack that reflects the unique elegance found in Japanese minimalism… Cote&Ciel, a Paris-based company, makes the most beautiful bags I’ve seen in quite a while. Their collection of canvas backpacks is both beautiful and functional, perfectly designed for creative professionals on the go.

Each bag isn’t just a piece of art but the ideal carrier of your laptop and office essentials. An ergonomic fit allows maximum comfort for even the busiest of days, while ample space makes it easy to carry everything you need.


Usually laptop backpacks feature loads of compartments, zippers and pockets, sticking out from every angle – but not this one! This collection brings a conceptual, minimalist design with classic muted tones, to life. Every compartment is hidden from view – yet easy to access – concealed by a folded fabric, giving each bag its special sleek look.


The Isar Rucksack collection is available in two sizes: Medium (18,50″H 12,60″W 9,45″D) and Large (19,68″H 13,38″W 7,87″D) accommodating laptops in size 13″/15″ or 15″/17″ accordingly.


“Cote&Ciel Memories take you on a journey through the lingering warmth of summer sun and winter’s coolest escapes. Traverse the wonders of nature and man and plot your own course through the wild with the Isar Rucksack at your back.”

Available at Cote&Ciel


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