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A suitcase with its own app? We have officially arrived at the future! The Bluesmart Carry-On Suitcase is a travel assistant you’ll only need to put on the payroll once. This smart luggage offers your smart phone a place to connect, while also offering you peace of mind, that no matter where your luggage ends up – you can locate and recover it without any undue hassle.

American made, Bluesmart offers efficiency at its finest, with multiple pockets, pouches, and the perks of technology enhancements; this travel buddy delivers all the way from your home door to your hotel door. Who hasn’t needed a phone charger while on the go? Plus add to that a compartment for your laptop, so no need for multiple bags – keeping all your things together for the journey, and making their way directly to your destination.



Bluesmart Features Include:
• Battery with 2 USB Charging Ports
• 3G + GPS Location Tracking
• Remote Digital Lock and Two Hard Keys
• Designed for International Carry-on Requirements, Ideal for 2-3 day Trips

In a busy world where too much time is already lost, having a suitcase that won’t fall into that same fate adds simplicity and ease to any travelers mind, getting you from Point A to Point B without any other variable letters joining the party or having you make a trip to lost and found.




Design: Bluesmart
Photography courtesy of Bluesmart

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