bottle bag bagigia 50x50 - Bagigia: a hot water bottle made by Italian hands

Bagigia: a hot water bottle made by Italian hands


The design of this bag was inspired on a cold day on the streets of Milan, where a woman holding a hot water bottle passed by Gianmarco Godi – the designer of Bagigia. Godi decided to dress up the hot water bottle in leather, while keeping the typical marks on the rubber surface, adorn it with a stainless steel stopper, four rings and two adjustable shoulder straps, and voila! a new bag was born.

The Bagigia bag collection also includes an internal zip pocket and a couple of inside pockets to hold your mobile phone, pens, etc. You can carry it as a clutch, on your shoulder, or as a backpack. Oh, and an iPad version is already on its way…

Measures 14.6 x 8.7 x 2.7 inch; available in fun colors, as it should be : )






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