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Soloo Bag Collection by Mueslii: soft and lustrous


Best thing about duffel bags is that they let you pack as much as you can carry, and then some. Roomy and spacious, some can even be folded when not in use – which can be very handy when planning some serious extra shopping. In terms of style most of these bags take on the tough rugged look and I have yet to see one that is soft to the touch and luxurious looking. Until I stumbled upon the Soloo Collection by Mueslii.

First thing you’ll notice about this beautiful bag collection is its smooth, soft texture with lustrous satin-like finish. It’s actually made from high quality nylon fabric woven from Italian thread.

Inspired by the puff coat, these duffel bags are part of Mueslii’s “puffer” family. And I quote:

“In an age where trolleys rule our lives we wanted to develop a model that reflected our idea of traveling, catering the needs of a different kind of traveler.”

I really love the ribbed design, as it completes the entire concept of a bag so soft and cozy you just want to hold and well… umm… cuddle.


On top of that the Soloo bag has no rigid body, maximizing storage space and flexibility, it comes with an adjustable and very comfortable cotton shoulder strap, making it easier to carry while traveling, and a high quality top zip (YKK) closure which also snaps shut for extra security.

Unzip it, and you’ll find a flashy nylon material inside (…nice touch you guys). The King size model features a large zippered compartment on one side and three pockets on the other side. Outside, there are two extra pockets on each end of the bag for small stuff like keys, wallet, smartphone, etc.





Not only did the design team at Mueslii did a great job they also took it to the future by integrating an NFC chip into the strap of the Soloo bag. This allows you to interact with your smartphone via your Mueslii bag, and it’s all done wirelessly. Keep in mind that NFC is currently supported by Android and Windows handsets. Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t embraced NFC technology just yet.


Available at Mueslii in three sizes: small, medium and king size, and fresh colors like Prussian Blue, Green, Grey, Red, and more. Whichever you choose, no doubt this bag will turn heads at the gym, the airport, and around town.


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