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Plaat is a designer handbag that definitely draws attention. The exterior is made from laser cut wood that is hand-finished. The design of the wood is very technical and modern. It has a clean repetitive pattern that incorporates small cubes connected by broad wooden lines. The interior of the Plaat is made from leather and has a very symmetrical layout to compliment the wooden exterior. The Plaat can be worn in three different ways- as a handbag, a shoulder bag or as a clutch.

The Plaat bag is the brainchild of two Dutch design companies- qoowl and Dewi Bekker. What is unique about the laser cut wood exterior is its inherent flexibility. The wood is laser-cut when it is flat and due to its design it can be folded into a semi-oval. It is in this state that the detail of the design truly comes to life.

Because of its unique exterior, the Plaat is an accessory that can be worn with both formal and informal attire. The bag is 25 cm wide and can easily carry a large purse and or sunglasses. It also comes with two side pockets that can hold cellular phones or keys.

Another design feature is that the Plaat bag is delivered as a flat piece. In order to give it its shape, you need to thread a leather cord through the interior and tighten it, and then it will transform into a bag shape.



Design: qoowl and Dewi Bekker
Photography courtesy of qoowl

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