apple watch dock 800x533 - Pocket


If you own an Apple Watch, then you are going to be delighted to discover Pocket – a 6-in-1 portable charging dock for the Apple Watch. Exceptionally designed by Pedro Gomes, Pocket functions as an iPhone dock, an Apple Watch dock, a cable manager, a protective charging case for the Apple Watch, a portable battery and a simultaneous charging port.

Pocket has a compact design which means you can take it anywhere with you. It has an incredibly appealing and luxurious looking designer case which ensures that your Apple Watch is well protected. The charging dock itself has adjustable viewing angles so if you are working on your computer, you can set the angle that lets you best view the face of the watch.


A great feature of the Pocket is that it enables you to dock your Apple Watch and while simultaneously charging it (to guarantee that you never run out of juice). Another brilliant design element is that the cable discreetly wraps around the body of the case and it can be easily removed when needed. You can also remove the charging base from the casing and use it to charge different electronic devices.



Design: Unity
Photography courtesy of Pedro Gomes Design

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