ugly betty coco bloom 2 - Plexistyle Coco Bloom

Plexistyle Coco Bloom


Chillax… Who says modern lounge furniture can’t still be the ideal accessory for contemporary living spaces whenever a baby is in the house? The Coco Bloom lounger, by Bloombaby, would add chic and style to your home wherever you decide to place it. Check out below who’s comfortably seated in the Coco Bloom – Why, it’s no other than cute baby William, as seen on ABC’s hit show “Ugly Betty”. Continue reading

acme made slim cargo 4 - Acme Made Slim Cargo laptop bag

Acme Made Slim Cargo laptop bag


I simply love the stylish Slim Cargo laptop bag by Acme Made. With ballistic nylon, imported designer textiles, unique, quilted satin “tuxedo” lining and multiple internal accessory pockets, this luxurious line of protective computer cases is both functional and full of chic – the perfect accessory for the sophisticated, modern woman. Continue reading

laptop carrier porter 2 - Laptop Carrier by Built NY

Laptop Carrier by Built NY


The Built NY Laptop Porter is both a functional and stylish carrier; it’s made from a washable Neoprene rubber with soft inner lining, just like the wetsuit material, offering a removable shoulder strap and “superhooks” for extra comfort – Perfect for taking your 15.4” wide notebook when you’re on the go, whether for business travel or personal. Continue reading

lunch tote tortuga 2 - Tortuga Lunch Tote

Tortuga Lunch Tote


Whether it’s homemade lasagna or turkey on whole wheat, you can pack up your lunch and take it with you and still look cool! This perfect accessory for both Guys & Gals is a washable lunch bag, which stores flat when empty and expands when full. Continue reading

hello kitty tote bag mascot - Hello Kitty tote bag and mascot

Hello Kitty tote bag and mascot


If you’re a ‘Hello Kitty’ addict, here are two extremely cute items you don’t want to miss. Show your environmentally conscious side with the stylish Hello Kitty tote bag or glam up your favorite purse, tote, or even cellphone with the charming Bag Mascot. Continue reading

black suitcase samsonite 02 - Travel back in time with Samsonite

Travel back in time with Samsonite


Check out the fashionable luggage collection – Samsonite Black Label. A celebration of the flower-power generation and one of the hottest travel accessories of the 1960s, this suitcase travels back in time when luggage had no wheels. Continue reading

digital pocket watch - Digital Pocket Watch

Digital Pocket Watch


According to designer Marc Owens, a gentleman’s pocket watch is always in style, although this watch has changed from the traditional analog mechanism to a compacted digital display. Continue reading

ipod tshirt 1 - The Coolest iPod T-Shirt

The Coolest iPod T-Shirt


How about this iPod T shirt – Isn’t that the coolest thing ever? I have got to get me one of those! The stylish BlackCoat-T by Koyono is the first iPod shirt designed for mobile aficionados who want to discreetly and safely transport their mobile gadgets whether wearing a suit or a flannel shirt. Continue reading

solar bags noonsolar 2 - Solar bags by Noonsolar

Solar bags by Noonsolar


These cool bags are actually solar bags by Jane Palmer and Marianne Fairbanks from Noon Solar. On the outside of these bags, there is a paper thin, flexible solar panel; all you need to do is expose the panel to the sun in order to charge a battery pack located inside the bag to supply power for your cell phone or iPod, day or night. Continue reading

bamboo brelli umbrella 1 - Bamboo Brelli Umbrella

Bamboo Brelli Umbrella


The Brelli is a chic, durable umbrella made of bamboo. It is completely biodegradable, leaving nothing more than an excellent memory. Continue reading